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My husband has a sacred spot — his studio ( originally our garage) and this has been his own space to get away from us all ( actually when he is in a foul mood I order him in there to play his guitar [ the other woman in our marriage] he comes out the other end much nicer!).
And just because he is the best guy in the world, he knew how much a lack of permanent space was bugging me ( I think part of the reason for my move away from craft last year) he gave me a section of his sacred space!!!!!!

And it's working!! I have been in and out of there can leave part finished projects etc, its just perfect — plus I get an added guitar music background, by a really hunky guitarist.

I love it. And I have been playing to my hearts content.

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Ps - I was not compensated for this post, God provided him and I have given a review based on my own experiences.

PPs - see total hottie.

PPPs cant believe I just wrote the word hottie. I am sorry english language, I momentarily forgot I was not a 13 year old girl.=( Do thirteen year olds even still say it) , but you know its not my first time.


Jasmine S said...

Your posts always amuse me. And yep, I think hottie is a pretty good word. Shows he has still "got it". Fab pics. He looks like he is on stage at a show.
And your page. WOW, just divine. That photo is so precious and just love your colors and design.

Sarah Lou said...

Thanks! he was on stage. His band gets a few gigs - this was was at the local show.

Chloe :-) said...

:-) I still use the word hottie in relation to my hubby too :-) hehehe
PS. I AdOrE this page!! Love love love!!! Every Single Bit!!!!!! Can't wait to see more :-) ;-)

Linda said...

ooooh this is gorgeous...so great to see you creating...and in your own little space! woohooo

Looking forward to seeing more....

Kate said...

super cute page Sarah and he is a bit of a hottie!!! ;)

Leanne J said...

i use hottie all the time.. but its awesome when someone calls you a hottie... woot woot..
so Hottie Sarah and Hottie Hubby ..lol.

and OMG YAY for the space and SUPER yay for the creation.. so very very gorgeous!!!!

yaya...yay.. YAY...
lots of sugar..

Mandy said...

Such a beautiful page...welcome back!...xxx

Marelize said...

It's so nice to see you creating again Sarah and what a gorgeous layout!! Yay for your own space and yay to your 'hottie' hubby for sharing! :):)

Chantal Vandenberg said...

Totally gorgeous layout!!! Loved reading your post too! :D


BTW - Hottie's a good word! :D

mandysea said...

LOL! fabulous post - made me smile!

Gorgeous LO - super precious!

Angela said...

Wow! Gorgeous page Sarah Lou! Love the design & the photo is just beautiful :-)

Glad your "hottie husband" (LOL... love that!)has shared his space with you.

Thanks for visiting my blog & your lovely comment too :-)