Scrap Tuesday!

With just a hint of Sunday! ( been a scrappy start to the week!). Actually feel like its been my first decent scrapping session for a bit. Got things done! 

That one is for the WIOIN march sketch challenge,
Nothing like getting things done at the last minute!
Was hoping to get the Dollies sketch done as well, but time slipped away.

This had been sitting for a bit now just waiting to hit my sewing machine. My Big Blue eyed boy.

My very first Double ( very apprehensive, but tried it anyway!) 
Wish there was not glare on the last photo. He has his very cute smile going on in that one.
Felt like there was something missing, but I got a very fabulous parcel in the mail from the most wonderful terrific Mel ( who is a  fabulous new dolly!!) Which had some lil butterfly transparencies. Perfect touch! 

Thank you so much Miss fantabulous Mel, really perked me up getting some love in the mail. 

Our inability to take family photos where everyone is looking at the camera nicely!

Finished off with a quick newborn crochet hat ( for the divine miss Daphne's photography shoots),
But wait what Tuesday middle of the night is not complete without making a cake in the shape of a Wii remote???

So Happy 5th Birthday Tyler Jay. My Very Sweet Boy. ( blue on his face is face paint in the shape on an egg from his very first easter hat parade today)

Ps Im off to Shelly Beach/ The Entrance, very soon, any good scrappy shops I should know about??



Can this sweet roly poly baby be 5 tomorrow???? 


Slice of Sunday

Evening Style. 
What you dont see is Afternoon Style cause it was covered in scrappy mess. Thanks Jo. Most fun band practice Ive attended! The kids agree!


A slice of Sunday

Taken By the Big, and posted on a Monday. 

Happy Birthday Gary ( Father In law)

Photo taken only by Josh, he did not drink that and I would kick his but from here to kingdom come if he tried, though I must say it was my first drink in quiet a while and by goodness it was tasty! Lemon Lime and Bitters new Rusky! (Not the Crappy Vb in the background - yuck!)!

PS I know, Im a slacker. 
PPS I know, Ive got no F yet. Read first PS.
PPPS See I knew y'all were thinking that F word! 


So How did I F??

Well, I know its the friday I show my A to Z entry, but Ill have to show you tomorrow as it turns out I took some truly shocking photos of F ( always check photos before putting camera away and night falling!!! Or alternatively dont take photos while baby is helping!!).

Mean while, I finally got around to covering my art journal!!
Simple slip cover. Coles hessian bag ( man thats getting some milage!), Vintage yellow pillowcase, Red dotty fat quarter ruffle, and two scrapbooking/card making chipboard flowers. 

PS Think of good "G" words/phrases for me to use!!
PPs Ive gotten a few awards in the last few weeks, haven't forgotten just haven't got my but into gear. 
PPPs speaking of buts - do the americans realise that Fanny actually means the other side for us?
PPPPS that is NOT my f word!
PPPPPS nor is that one (the one i know you are thinking!!) 


Go say hello to the new dollies. Im so proud cause some of my favourite people are there. Congratulations, my chickadees! I didnt get my application in on time, but even if I had I dont think I could of competed with all the beauty they bring! Cant wait to play along with the new dollies! Go, click on the links and say hello to them!


Scrap Tuesday!

Is back. I had a short break from it last week cause The Sweet Middle had dental surgery, but I was back with vengeance today, unfortunately so was my singing ( I cant help it and dont really notice Im doing it! For anyone doing the Wisemans Ferry retreat in May, I apologize in advance!).  
We gots our scrap on today, amongst chatting and even despite my poor, Im teething 6 teeth at once child!
The first just needed a tiny touch to finish up. 

Beachy Love. This is the sweet Middle at his first visit to Poppas,
I used the background I made on a previous Scrap Tuesday

My favourite flowers, just Kaiser scrunched up and inserted into each other, the last of my delicious green dotty paper and some sporty alphas mumma sent from France.
Next up
Head Chief of Mischief ( Excuse the glare. Camera battery is dying, I just got what I could!)
I just sorta stapled and stuck and move around. Sort of just evolved. By this stage I had been holding my teething Kook for most of the day, so it had to be things I could do one handed.

 My beautiful spotty sheer ribbon which I had been saving, some more of my hessian Coles bag, a tacky green lacy doodad. Sweet and simple just like My kook, even if he is the mischief king! 

Also worked on my A to Z art journal for Friday ( the letter F), and finally got its cover done —which I'll show when I get a new camera battery. The boys get cranky when I steal the Wii batteries!

Ps A great thing about having a preteen in the house, is I get a whole new wardrobe of T-shirts to steal!
PPs Sometimes I call him a protein cause I really want to feed him to the sharks. 


Slice of Sunday

How I love a salvage yard! 


I dont do this nearly enough



Someone remind me to breathe!! I LOVE this blog and look its me on there,!!!! (well at least my boobs!!!) With all that fabulosity!!!!  

A to Z, e-i-e-i-o

E is for Elope. 
It took me a bit to think of a word for E, in my self imposed A to Z challenge.  I was even going to ask you guys, when doh! ( insert slapped forehead here), Derr Fred (people still say that, right??), I eloped. Elope starts with e, and our wedding day is a favourite memory of mine.

Sunset at Broadbeach, just me and my sons ( back then only Josh and a baby Tyler) , 2 hired witnesses and Rod. No flowers except the yellow blooms sprinkled upon the dunes, provided by god. 
We didn't think about music, which Kate ( amazing celebrant in QLD) brought along anyway. As we said our vows - You're  Beautiful by James Blunt started. It was all we could do to not burst out laughing, we despise that song and its now our wedding song, but it's an extremely us thing for that to happen so just made it more a perfect day.
A quick dip up to an Italian restaurant, then woolies pavlova by the pool of our hotel. And a whole week to hit the Queensland theme parks. 

I played with some layering, I started with a blue flower serviette, and then paint and more paint then some crackle medium and more paint. 

On the title side, a beautiful bride from a 1950s home journal magazine. The Elope and a few feature words, are written in black pen, then Dm'd and White spots added, just because!!
I stuck to yellow with just hints of blue, because the yellow flowers that stick out so brightly in my mind. 

Ps On that day, I wore a $20 dress. The men/boys wore $60 shirts each. And while this does not bother me, occasionally I use that fact to help decision making processes!! - Hey he knew what he was getting into! 


Scrap Tuesday!

Which I know was yesterday.
I finished scrapping, picked up the big boys from school. And promptly went to bed. At 3:30. In the afternoon. 
It was sleep or play war with my headache. The headache was winning. I didnt even get to enjoy the luxury of sleeping in the afternoon. And I love a nanna nap!

Hang on, Scrap Tuesday??? Where is your scrappin'?!? And what the buggery is that? 

Well my camera, as I might have mentioned before occasionally, likes to throw tantrums. And today is such a day. Its refusing to talk to my computer, so instead Im showing you something crafty I whipped up by accident the other week.  Completely by accident cause Im just that good. 
I died my whites yellow. Not pink, which I have done before, but a lovely, yellow sputem, green ( I remember this colour well from my nursing days!).
So to Mr Linky. Im still trying him out. Add your blog post about something creative you've done. 
Please, with sugar on top.


Is the third of March. This time last year, a wonderful friend I know had no idea by dinner time her life would be changed for ever. Her husband hung himself. Under the veranda while her and her 4 children were inside.  Shortly after this someone I love tried to kill them selves again, ( it was not the first time, but by god I hope it is the last attempt, actually it was close to the 3 year anniversary of their last attempts.). 

Mental health has such a stigma, We keep quiet about it, We hide it. We suffer in silence, because of the fear. There is not good enough help in this country, our hospitals are under funded and under staffed, The mental health wards do not run the programs that are needed. How can they?

So what do I know? I know that they dont think about us when they are trying to end it all, they dont think about how it will all change for everyone. How it will leave us raw. That suicide breeds suicide. That no matter how hard we try, sometimes we cant stop it. That I have had seen enough and felt with the after effects to last me 16 lifetimes. That its not our fault, no matter how much at times we believe it is. 

Ill be back after with my late scrap tuesday post.