The Gift of Cake


Cake keeps me happy and I get a sense of accomplishment from Cake, as it has to be finished I cant just leave a cake unfinished lying around the house. 

And my favourite part

Cake makes other people happy.

Since Lara's dog birthday cake, Ive been a lil busy.

This pineapple for my brother in laws hawaiian party  (just cause they could!!)
 This was a bugger of a cake to figure out, but once I worked out how I wanted to do the skin away we went.

4 tropical white mud cakes with a tropical ganache YUM!!

And just cause im proud of the fact I figured it out 
a mini tutorial on the skin!
This finished photo is missing some of the taller fronds from the top 
( nephews and sons I suspect!)

a pinch of ganache applied individually in a sort of pyriamid shape to get the bumps

after covering with the yellow fondant, a large star tip indented to the top of each bump 
and then scratched around each shapes in rough multiple lines. 

And finally brushing of green and brown petal dust. 
with the taller leaves before the sand and hibiscus.
( scotch fingers and brown sugar)