Once Upon a Time

On a Scrap Tuesday in a galaxy far far away. Lived a beautiful princess ( for those with any doubt — go look up the meaning of Sarah ).
 She was joyous even with an early wake up call. For early wake up call meant that the young Princes would be returning to study and her rein of scrap Tuesday would continue.
She sang for joy as bluebirds whistled their merry tunes and she thought about getting her kingdom ready. 
She set the table for fine dining ( crackers, dip and chocolate), and plotted her layouts. 
When a small niggle sat in the middle of her chest. 

"Ouch" she sighed as she rubbed it and continued upon her way.

 Soon two other princesses had joined her, and they sat and laughed daintily with no hint of gossip at all........

"Ouch" cried the princess again and she gave a gasp for breath, before setting her photo down, 

"ouch" cried the poor princess again, as she poured the cup of tea with a big grasp for breathe.

 The other princesses looked on with concern, and horror, as their friend turned slightly grey around the edges with her chest pains and gasps for breath.
The princess ( finally) thought this is not right and rang the Handsome Prince, from his royal duty. 
The Handsome Prince looked on with concern as the royal stead dropped the princess off to the royal physician who then proclaimed — get thee to thy Hospital and the kidnapped her away. poked and prodded, contrasted and flipped, they gasped with Horror and spirited her away to the place of pre princess life - Westmeed Hospital, where the sweet princess was working at the time of meeting the Handsome prince,

The ( unfortunately ) not eye candy doctors  cried with concern and looked at her with horror when she mentioned returning to the castle, and promptly tied her to the bed. On the same ward she used to walk as a peasant.  

There they poked and prodded as the two teams argued her case, one very dangerous and the other only slightly so, they starved her, with not even a drop of water in her mouth for days. They poked and prodded and flipped her about, until finally 3 days later broth oh sweet broth and jelly too boot!
4 days, finally great ( ok not so great) food abound, for the teams had stopped fighting after the Disney  land ride from hell, and decided it was only the slightly dangerous and she would be allowed home to her royal abode with her sweet princes who missed their mother gratefully, and she was happy even if she now had a bra stuffed with cabbages. 

Ps - sudden giving up of breastfeeding sucks. How long till the pain completely goes???!!!!??!?


Slice of Sunday

If you are wondering  where I have been. This has been my exciting view. 
Ill be back tomorrow after a full nights sleep without being interrupted by nurses with needles and bp machines, to tell the story of the longest Scrap Tuesday in the world.

Ps I get real food tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
PPS can you tell I hate Nil by Mouth!?!


Slice of Sunday

Guess what we did today??? It involved a lot of heavy balls...... ( sorry I know that was especially lame)!. 
We needed something to cheer the kids up as it is the end of the school holidays!!! ( ahhh makes sense now why she has not been around and commenting on all the lovely blogs she reads). 
Needed something to cheer me up as it is the end of the school holidays!! Dont get me wrong, I love a quiet clean house, but quiet doesn't always feel right in this mad house(!) And I suspect clean is really just a dream..... Something that happens to other people.

Ps we all needed new socks anyway, so we ducked out to buy socks first — $40!!!!!!!!!!!!
PPS just incase you were really bored and wondering. It was a purple heavy ball, with swirls and sparkles - I only use pretty balls. 
Honestly why would you use boring dark green when there are sparkles people!!! 
PPPS You know you are thinking it, those shoes are Sexxxxxxxxxy!!


Slice of Sunday

Now this post should be called Finally. My newest baby. And *Big Breath* I choose against the big 2!!

Ps the cruelest trick you can play on a new camera owner - Make them wait while the battery charges!!!!


Wasn't meant to be.....

I saw some extremely cute lil' ol' linen canvases at spotlight a while ago — marked down even! And quickly scooped em up. This is the story of how I made it not so cute anymore.  

You know how when you buy something and it's so just right you dont want to use em cause you'll wreck em. That was these. 

Finally I said to my self — build a bridge already, Sarah!

 So I picked up one and grabbed a few things — letter stickers black paint, a sharpie ( ok, ok, so a faux sharpie) and some beautiful butter yellow oil paint ( It was the nicest yellow in the house — it just so happened to be oil paint......) 

Any how,  slapped on those letter stickers and whacked on some black paint. 
Now I dont know if you have noticed this - I am extremely impatient when it comes to creating, I have hardly any "wait to dry" time in me.........

So I tried, I made a cuppa, I chatted to the girls ( it was a Scrap Tuesday), I poked the paint, I poked the other thing I was working on that was still wet.  I ate… So after a few seconds had passed, I thought stuff it and pulled em off...

And smudged my S. Had a sook then I recovered its tiny it will be ok. Its gives it character. Gave my self some Faux Amish pep talk
I left it alone to dry, and went and chatted, ate, and poked some more and I waited it out. 

 It finally Dried

So I gots my sharpie on. And doodled to my hearts content. It had looked nice in my G page, why not here. Finished, hmmmm needs yellow ( then again I think everything does atm). Yellow oil paint.  Everyone know where this is going.....

Ohhh much better. So I took it outside to photograph, and got some horrid photos and thought Ill take some more later when it's a it better light on my porch. So I picked it up and popped it on my desk to dry. Cause you know its oil paint — needs some time. 

Sadly It never got the time it needed. And we never recovered, all those lil yellow dots do make a lovely yellow smudge though....

Taken in its last smudge free moments - Wish.

Ps For those worried about their casual usage of dude. Dont be, Mine was reaching diabolical strength, used in every sentence, enough so it was bugging my eldest ( then again he is a preteen ......) and my husband.  
PPs I have one lil ol' linen canvas left - I am now deathly afraid to use it...



I bring you the letter F. And just for good measure, cause it was due on Good Friday, I bring you a good dose of G as well. 

But First.

It seems I have a problem. Its even bad enough to be annoying the Big ( Even though I keep explaining that as parents we are not allowed to take them home until we sign a contract that states that as parents we must be annoying at all times).

I cant stop saying Dude. 

Dudes, I am seriously worried that a 90's teenage sitcom star may have taken over my brain. I hate the word Dude - its right up there with awesome. Somebody help me, but really it cant be all that serious until I start saying, Gnarly, right......

Ok sorry — left field I know. Onward and Upward.

F is for Favourite!

Sweet and simple. Has a list of my Favourite  things. I again, used what ever I could reach at the time. With an added touch of yummy sparkle up the top.

And G is for Good Grub!

That letter kicked my butt! So once I finally figured out what word I was going to use, I wanted to add some of my fav recipes of the past year, so made some lil pockets and slipped em in. I wanted to try just simple here — see what I could do with a pen and ink, but to make it dainty.  Dont think it's my favourite, but thats the thing about this, its just trying stuff and seeing what happens.

Oh speaking of trying things, I have a lovely new friend who is trying out a A to Z art journal as well. Go say hello to Sherrie.

PS I cant wait for everyone to hit the sack tonight ( poor suffering hubby has OT tomorrow so it means an early night for him as he has to get up at 2am). 
Library books, Sunshine Cleaning and a chai latte. Cant wait!! I have waited forever to rent Sunshine Cleaning! Gnarly Dude! 
PPS Were you really suprised I added that at the end?? Really?
PPPS I am still so macking on my typewriter, just incase you couldnt tell!


Whats making me Happy

Thank you to my wonderful friend Karla!! 
I love everything about him ( I know its a boy cause he is a Brother (210c model), plus Im getting a sort of Alfred vibe from him). I love his shiny black keys, His Ding when Ive hit the end of the row, and last but not least his clicky clack key hitting sounds.

 And everything I write has that authentic typewritter look.  

He just makes me happy.

Ps For those sick of hearing me talk how much they would work with everything(!), I also finally brought my self some delicious yellow ( Im having a thing for yellow of late) Rainboots Thickers, except now Im afraid to use them up!
PPS I just realised if you look very closely at the typing Ive written leave the 80's alone. 
PPPS I dont mean it, please someone come and take all the 80s clothes back to wear they came from!
PPPPS remember Hypercolour clothes???? 


A favour from my American Peeps.

Yep Peeps that is the theme here.  See me and the monkeys — opps I mean my three darling (ok 2, ill deal with the babies share) sons, wanna try these Peeps we keep hearing about. I figured that as they are easter stuff they would be sitting on a reduced shelf by now. 
So my American Peeps, I propose a swap.
You send Peeps, ill send Tim Tams. 
From what I can figure out, your president is doing you a grave injustice by not having these readily available over there, and for the very unfortunate, whom have never heard of Tim Tams click right here.

So If any one is interested in doing a mini swap, click on my email button, The boys ( ok so I might share......) would be eternally grateful. ( though a bit scared — you see we tried candy corn a few years back......… And you guys say vegemite is gross!!!) 

Ps feel free to pick any flavour, im really quiet partial to the caramel, ohh and the special ones they bring out for breast cancer month!
PPs dont forget to try a  Tim Tam bomb


Slice of the long weekend

We ran away and enjoyed every second of it.
Hope your Easter weekend was just as fabulous!