last Chance


Sorry for going awol the last few weeks, but sometimes a girl just needs a blogging break.
Ill jump on later to catch up with everyones blogs and write a decent post, but just wanted
to let everyone know its your last chance today to get all the very first Cyber Crop at the Scrappers Outlet!!


Spooky Cyber business

The Scrappers Outlet is having its ( and my) first Cyber Crop.
So come join the fun in the last ( and spookiest) weekend of october!


Perfectly Imperfect.

But for my first attempt now half bad. They are delicious and pretty ( if you excuse the fact my late night brain just reconised, That the pink ones can seem - well slightly adult depending on how you take their picture. Thank goodness I always take a million photos!).
Royal Icing
New Obsession

Its been a long time since I played with my icing Tips and my gel colours, But a class has come up, A free one ( thanks wash house) and its one ive wanted to do for a long time. Cake decorating, and while im rusty with the tips, ive never used fondant before ( oh I lied one time I made my own and did li seascape cupcakes - hmm). Im excited. And it means I get to combine a few loves, Baking, Photography and we cannot forget eating. Oh sweet heaven, you must be full of sweets, cakes and cookies.

Ps I love my lil ice cream cone cookies, but now all I see is slightly adult images. No more pink cones.

PPs Sorry if ive not said hello this week, I am about a billion posts behind in my google reader.

PPPs Who has a good roll out sugar cookie recipe?



Im sad, it was the last day of school holidays yesterday - which means the baby and i sleeping in till 9 9:30 is no more. But we spent the last day in style. ( grainy museum style - gotta love that low light!) Big boy date style!! ( thanks Kaye for taking the Kook).
Yep the Museum.
The boys love it there - i think it has something to do with all of those bones. My boys are gross, so skeletons - right up their alley!
But it does mean back to school Monday. Somehow I dont think the littlest brother will be very impressed.

Ps I got another layout picked up by scrapbooking memories! Yay - it's the Joshua Layout and the best bit - I actually like this one!!!

PPS Watch out if you are anywhere near Rooty Hill Caro tonight - they are letting me out amongst Other Adults!!!!

PPPs Im meant to be getting ready right now.

PPPPs Though I really cant be arsed.

PPPPPs My mum thinks I use the word Arsed and Arse to much on here.

PPPPPPs Sorry Mum.


Extra Goodness

Happy Hour 7pm - 9pm
Our first happy hour went off without a hitch and we have had emails asking if we will run it again tonight. So, the answer is YES!
* FIND US AT www.thescrappersoutlet.com
* New release PRIMA FLOWERS FROM $5.00 (different stock each week)
* Wednesday 6th October
* TIME 7pm - 9pm (Times are random from week to week, so look out for our emails)

Gets Around

My lil snowball in the heat is a busy busy guy! it was featured at One Pretty Thing ( which is one of the best darn craft sites around!) after his creation, featured over on russian site here, and over on wists.com.
And this morning I was contacted by Craftown to have him join their list of thousands of crafts.
They grow up so fast!

Ps Prima fans might just want to be online at TSO between 10am and 12 ( qld time) for a special flash treat today.

PPs id be quick if I was you!!


Challenges and just for fun!

Scrapping time has been sparse with school holidays, any mummy scrappy time quickly turns into family craft time. But I have ben able to scrape in a few goodies.

out for publication

This is a just for fun layout of my sweet boy, this photo had been sitting in a frame for the longest time and when it came to change out a few photos I knew I couldn't just have this one hidden away in a box or a random photo album.
He was 5 days away from turning 8 here and now he is a few months away from 12. I mean really, hello, where did all the time go??
Uses Crate Paper, old and new lines ( my addiction to this company is growing everyday). My replacements websters alphas ( thank you to the company for sending me out new ones after I let them know about the issues with the old ones), my ladies home journal from the 1st of May ( my birthday!!) 1956, and music paper cover with a few bits and pieces added.

This busy layout was trying out the new sketch challenge for
TSO, by the ever talented Cyn!
I got to use the old office stamps that Beth and I found at the market while hunting for button woman ( who was MIA!!! Not happy jan!).

And the crazy people at TSO let me set a challenge. So Cause im in my baking mood - I did a recipe challenge.

1 patterned paper only

insects/creatures of some sort

ribbon or trim


So if you think you can turn into wonderfulness id love to see. Post over in the mystery challenge gallery at TSO for a chance to win!


So many good things!!

Chipboard Methodology - starts 25th october and runs for 8 weeks.
Check out all the details and join in the fun! I cant wait till it starts!
And do not forget Scrappy Hour, join the newsletter and follow the blog for future happy hour announcements.


Slice of Monday = bliss

Equals long weekends and ( finally) the end of the longest season in the year - Football season. I can even forgive the start of daylight savings if it means a break from football for a while. Is it mean that I used to feel very relieved when his gig clashed with his team playing?
Hey Im a good wife in other ways - I kept the beers coming when he was building our new balustrade today and I made caramel popcorn ( hot digity damn I AM a good wife,
What? What do you mean you bet the caramel popcorn was for my sweet tooth?!? - just craziness. ( please dont tell him!)).

Ps - I will admit to enjoying the grand final ( even though i badly wanted to sit at my desk above for some quiet mumma time) - Thanks to a few drinks and glimpses of Daniel Conn


Remember Folks

Daylight savings if you are in my area.
Though as the Rockgod just told me.
You dont have to change your clocks, just change the time

Ps feel free to insert your own groan of lameness - I did!

PPs look at this layout Cathy did - the secret ingredient......

its a coke can people!!


Happy Hour

Join us at www.thescrappersoutlet.com every Wednesday for SCRAPPY HOUR..... every week TSO will be having a Scrappy Hour Sale with HUGE PRICE REDUCTIONS OF UP TO 80%+ OFF RRP!!!!

* New release PRIMA FLOWERS FROM $5.00 (different stock each week)
* Wednesday 6th October
* TIME 10am - 12pm (Times are random from week to week, so join our newsletter for updates)


Oh I admit it when I got Bo Bunny Block party to work with over at The Scrappers Outlet I was a little bit scared.
It was so bright. But I sucked it up and stretched my self and might now just be a lil impressed with myself!!
I think I might just like a bit of bright now!!!
And I still have so much left!! Im still working with it! and I only got half the range — can you imagine how much you could do with the full range!?!?!

Im slightly in love with this lil froggy card, he already had a lot of dimension to him on the sticker but I knew as a mumma of boys how much they love stuff that pops. So I fussy cut ( holding my breathe the entire time with the scalpel ) and popped him extra with some foam dots. And now he is bright and fun and ready to go to a special lil boys birthday!!!! And hello sparkly green brads — im in love!!!

(This is my sexy rockgod serenading his mumma on her birthday!)

This range just screams summer, great for us Aussies as really lets face it we are already getting hints of what it's going to be like anyway ( well except for today which feels like God was cleaning out his weather bag and found a left over winter day so he thought he should use it before it ran out!)