decisions, decisions

Its a woman's right to change her mind,
Especially when it comes to her hair......

So the big question Blue roving?

Or blonde / brown bumpy yarn

Ps Girlfriends rock - thanks Beth


Slice of Sunday!

Its back baby!

We had family birthdays today 
So Meagan ( sister in law, not sister Megan) and Cath ( partner of Rods sister Cath) 

Happy Birthday!!

Ps - We also have 2 Joshuas - Meagans son ( birthday Megan) and mine.  I had Joshua before I met Rod, and Meagan had already had Joshua. 

PPs because similar names are not enough for this family - we also all have birthdays on top of each other

PPPs - I so totally chose that cider because of the label.  I wanted to try a different brand to what I normally drink, and my husband knowing my style pointed this out. 

A totally reasonable way to choose your drinks....

PPPPs - that brand was a bit to "beery" for my tastes.


Oppa Bushman style

There are not enough words for green to describe to australian bush. 
We went rain forrest style on Anzac Day
( why yes, I do mean the ANZAC day that was a month ago)
What better way to respect the fallen diggers then to enjoy what they helped keep safe

Ps i know its been a bit since Anzac day - but this post was brought to you by Rain lots of Rain, chilled noses and a cake running about - oh only 12 hours behind.  So this is my hot cuppa and make me smile post!!


But With the Cool Comes

Yarn Cravings!!!

Croheted Cowls

Home dyed Yarn

Scarves for swaps

Granny ripples

eye candy

And you cant do yummy magazines with out yummy tea!!
My current favourite as it tastes just as good cold as it does hot 
and as a mumma with four
psychic "mum wants to sit down with a cuppa" kids.........

Ps I was hoping to share this crochet doll Ive been working on but i cant decide on her hair, so she is a baldy while i make her her clothes and cute shoes!! And a girl just doesnt like to be seen while she is bald.....

Soaking up the last of the sun!!

Winter is my season - in my dreams. 

My dreams are filled with warm quilts, hot drinks, trashy telly, soups and good magazines. 

And while I do get these things ( in dribs and drabs) in reality my winter is 
Snotty noses, endless washing, and cranky kids stuck inside. 

So before it hits we are soaking up as much of the outside as we can.......
Walks in mumma made dresses and stockings!!!
Stockings are my favourite thing of dressing little girls.
Under everything!

Art with chalk.
Makes me smile every time I pass the driveway
And pure kid happiness for 40 cents - Bliss!

Our own Ancient ruins with rubble from our deck building

Walks by Nepean River

Eye candy filled street performers in the city

Oh PS - how the heck could I forget about Man Flu. We get a lot of Man flu here - over run by future men!!

PPs - smelly wet dog as well - thats always fun.


For Beth..........

the past 6 months or so


christmas cake

t-rex cake, sarah lou, dinosaur cake, birthday cake

redneck waterslides 



Family time


funny four year olds  

Sisters and cousins