Merry Christmas

From my crazy family to yours.

Ps This santa is standing in front OUR little white christmas tree in OUR lounge room ( also have him standing in front of the main tree bending down to get presents out of his sack. I did it here. $10 for 4 photos, I only did 2, im saving the other credits for Easter. I cant wait for Tyler to see him in our house, he is so excited planning where we should hide the camera to try and sneak a shot!


Dont have babies

They grow up too fast.
Congratulations to my baby for graduating year 6. Now for high school. Im only just a little bit heartbroken, I was positive it was only yesterday I took him to kindergarten.


But I wanted to make a butter sandwich...........

Or alternate title -

Why toddlers should never be left alone for even a minute!!!
He did enjoy the game we made of cleaning the train though!

Ps excuse bad photos, was laughing to hard.


keeping busy

With one real beautiful baby and her brothers ( Please ignore very tired looking mumma with the unbrushed hair! and focus on sweet babe in the handmade wrap, was going to post one without me but its one of the few have with her!)

And one "developing" baby (my first waldorf, her neck wrinkles will go, mine are just starting......)