Slice of Sunday

Dear Hot Water,
When you came back to me on Friday, after being away for a month. I was overjoyed. Our connection was back, and I felt whole again.
Our love was growing strong once more. We frolicked in the morning, we bathed in pleasure in the afternoon. We made a serious date for this evening to read magazines together, soaking in the bliss of steamy bubble vanilla scented heaven.
 But this morning, what did I do? Why did you leave? You didnt even wait for me to finish shaving my legs. Did you not feel the love? Was it because my leg hair had gotten that long to begin with?
  I know I was told there would be a chance you would leave again real soon, but I was hoping you loved me as much as I loved you. 
Please come back to me. I will be good, I promise.
Love always


Something Ive had in my head

For a little bit now. I just needed to find that perfect stamp. 

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Its a Special Day

Its the birthday of THE best mumma in the world. 
Happy Birthday to my Mumma, who not only gets to live in France, but gets to visit places like Budapest and Switzerland, and this weekend herself and her equally amazing partner, Pip, get to spend a long weekend in Rome. They are the 2 luckiest women in the World (plus she has me for a daughter!)!
I cant wait to see you both soon. I miss you guys lots!
PS my mother is also an Amazing Artist. Check her out.
PPS Happy Birthday also to Daphnes mumma.
PPPS For the first time in over a month I HAVE HOT WATER!!!!!!!! Sorry for yelling just slightly overexcited 'bout that.
PPPPS cause I know you all wanna know. Yes the repair guy was quite cute. 


I am Rich.

Just this morning I discovered I am the proud winner of
900,00 GBP
1000,000 GBP
5 million US
5000,000 US
950,000 GBP
250,000 Pound Sterling
14 Million US.

Even in Aussie Dollars that would be a lot!
So People what should I do with all my winnings?!? What would you do?

Ps Id like to thank my gmail account for keeping it in its special meaty box. Spam still tastes like crap but at least this kind gets me rich.


Scrap Tuesday

So how was your Scrap Tuesday ? Got your links ready for Mr Linky? 

Mine was slightly hyperactive, Im still in that mood actually (Sorry long suffering husband!!), too much triple chocolate cheesecake
We were one down this week, which the only good part of that is more M 'n Ms for us! Cindy (blogless) we missed you!
I did a bit of fart arseing around today. Got very messy with PVA and paint. I had a few things in my head I wanted to try. One of which Im still working on, the other ( a background cardstock) I trailed in potato stamp form. Its over a servietted, painted background.  Not sure, every time I look at it I think of Greece. Is that just my strange brain?

Though I can show you what I was working on Last Scrap Tuesday! It was my last GDT work for the Dollies ( sob! ). Their wonderful Orange, brown and neutral challenge has just been posted. 

I used a paper mache carry case, and covered the bottom half in a hessian shopping bag from Coles. I though that was a lil plain so just free cut a basic stencil to add a lil somethin' somethin'.

 The top I dived into a wonderful gift from the amazing Teresa, these Vintage Home journals. Which are a crack up to read! Though have me slightly concerned that my knees may be to fat — thankfully their advice column has helped me in that area. No more unsightly knees for me.

A few finishing Touches and Wallah. I really enjoyed making this one. 

So what have you done lately?? Add the blog link to your creations and link on up. Mr Linky is hungry and needs links!
speaking of Mr linky, Ive linked my case up to Get Your Craft On

Sugar rush has died and Im to buggered to even go watch my Big Love or Greys Anatomy ( thank IQ foxtel for allowing me such joy even when Im out at family dinners!)  So Im off to bed, I'll catch up on all of you tomorrow! Nighty Night Dont let the bed bugs bite.

Ps If you make said cheesecake go with the reviews and use slightly less gelatin — the cake is well worth its slight fiddleness!
PPs Dont forget the fabulous Dollies are having a Dollie call!


A to Z, D the big black Dog

Depression and other mental illnesses have played a big part in my life, and a lot of the people around me. So it was only natural I choose this for the letter D for my art journal, A TO Z

This is a dirty messy page, its interrupted my life in many ways, so any description of this could not have been done, clean and pretty. 

The family Tag worked well here as I often think of it as a family curse, one I hope my boys bypass.

This metal Im assuming is from a car accident, as it was near the traffic lights with some broken glass etc, and each time I passed it, I thought I should pick it up, it might be useful, and its found its perfect home. 
I cant get the true colour of the purple, it's a deep but vibrant colour. Im hoping to replace the main photo tomorrow as the light is now gone and boys are calling, We are doing a Die hard fest tonight - 3 and 4.

Ps if you are Alexandria - Rod and the Boys are playing at the Iron Duke tonight.



12 ruddy gigabytes we have gone through! So now we are on slow power till Monday. I dont know how we used to do it ( in my old package I had 2, we spent most of the month on slow power). I tell you there will be far less of the boys catching up on Pokemon and Suite life on Deck on youtube this coming month!!
On a Scrap Tuesday post, a few down, I gave you that sneak, 
Now for the full effect. 

Yep, he too, seems to be a football loving kid as well. Im doomed to bad sports telly for ever and ever! I mean, they could at least go for a team that wins occasionally! And the season is about to start again! AGHHH!
I cant tell you how much fun I have had, playing with the Dollies, and being a guest Dolly. ( I like to imagine Im Doctor Barbie — well at least Doctor Barbie, until my sister cut of all her beautiful blonde hair and gave her underarm hair — plus in another unmentionable place... ) 
You could be a Design Dolly as well. They are having a Dolly call

Ps I seem to have lost my photo taking of layouts ability! — Any extra special tips I should know?


Scrap Tuesday

And so this is Tuesday and what have you done? Another Day over, a new one just...... Sorry I have the annoying singing bug today! 

Though maybe it should be WIP and a cranky baby to boot Tuesday!  Not much got finished on my end (well except for some Hot cross Buns). Lots of lovely chatter with actual grown ups was had though. So cause I haven't finished just sneaks again today.

Now Lovely Laura suggested a Mr Linky party for Scrap Tuesday, and since I love a good blog surf, Ill give it a whirl and see how it goes. So If you have created (anything,) recently link up your blog post and share. 

Oh and if you visit any of the blogs, leave a quick hello. I read that only 5% of readers of blogs comment, Ive vowed to brake my past habit of lurking and have been trying to get better at  commenting on every blog I visit, and I gotta say it has made me some fabulous new friends!! 
So just a hello, nice blog, love your hair, any little thing ( well except spam, it like its meat counterpart just stinks!)

PS Id like to apologize for any ear aches caused by my off key singing. Hmmmm maybe thats why Rods band wont let me sing back up.......


Slice of Sunday

From the most perfect Valentines Day,
Coming up now
  •  Dinner
  •  then cuddly telly with my man
  •  some boys bedtime reading
  •  followed by some belated catching up on my wonderful amazing bloggy friends,
  •  A new book to devour, The Young Widow's Book of Home Imrovement.

Thank you my Amazing Men for a fabulous perfect day, and esp to my Rod who knows that the library is the perfect place to take me ( I may, just slightly now, have an addiction here - Ok! So I have a twice a week habit, I could stop any time I wanted! Truely)!!
Ok so I may do a little bit of sap every now and again ( along with some craziness!)!


The non sappy sort

We dont really do Valentines Day here. We are not really a mushy sort of couple ( I think thats part of the reason we eloped). We do say I love you a lot to each other, but it's usually followed by but only because its tuesday, or  cause your but looks good in those jeans.  
Anyway, one of the fabulous challenges for Design Dollies was to create a Valentine something with no red or pink. 
So with those 2 things in mind this is what I came up with this....

The handwritten writing says — sorry you missed it, I wanted it to have a more traditional sugary valentine feel about it, with an unexpected message.

I tried a few things before choosing that one. This is one I tried, to give my 2 eldest boys.

Ps the good looking but will be playing with his boys ( Fatt Lipp) at the Carousel at Rooty Hill from 8, and I get to go for a bit! Whoo Hoo! Freedom! Dressing and talking to adults!! Whoo hoo!! Hurry up and finish your turn in laws so I can go over!!



The heck am I showing you a blurry, crazy altered photo of my 2 bigger boys?
Thought you might like to see how we spent the afternoon.


Ok you remember how Im a loser right? Yep well this time it was not my fault!!! After searching for about half an hour, I went and put Kook in his pram that was on the porch. The door slammed shut, big deal you say?

It deadbolted. With my handbag inside. With my keys inside it. With my inhaler next to the keys. 

And there was absolutely nothing I could do about it because I had boys to pick up and walk home. 
So we spent an afternoon in the heat, drinking water from a poppa we had ripped the lid off, playing, chatting and waiting ( ok the playing and chatting was nice).

Why is this such a big deal? Why am I now named Mrs Bean from Rods work friends? 
Cause the last time this happened was only three weeks ago...............

Ps if anyone can figure out how to make an inhaler a nice necklace, my hubby would love you, he has now demanded I keep one on me at all times. Did I mention I lose them, just as much as I lose my keys?
PPs phone was in pocket. hence crazy camera phone photo!

Late Scrap Tuesday!

Proof that one layout got done (even if it is one that has to hide for a lil bit, and not just cause I could not get a get a good photo of it!), amungst that chatting with divine Friends, drinking cuppas, feeding babies, and I even got a row of crochet in there!

Thanks Daph, Blogless Cindy and our new very cute, very talented friend Beth!

Ps The wonderful Laura suggested I make this a Mr Linky party, what do you think? I love seeing peoples work ( thats why Im slightly addicted to the odd late night blog surf I think!),  so I quite like the idea.  Whose up for that next tuesday, would you share?

PPs edited to make it clearer, Mr Linky wise ( in my defense it was written early in the morning - which I am allergic too!)
So if you create something (scrapbooking or whatever!!!) on a Tuesday, pop the link to the blog post about it so we can have a looksie!


Slice of Sunday

Pie or Cobbler?

ps Rod says thanks for the birthday wishes, he had a grand time away at his gig, I personally think it has something to do with the two 50 year old women trying to undo his buttons on stage.  I wont tell you what they nicknamed him, but ooh lah lah!!


Old man

(taken the week we eloped ( 27 and 30), at movie world 2006)

Happy 34th Birthday to my fabulous rockstar husband, who is leaving me for the whole weekend to play a gig Sat night in the middle of far away.  Hope you had a fabulous birthday and have a rockins boys weekend.  The poor husband deserves a great time as he puts up with a lot ( well he is married to me!!)!
I couldn't do it with out you Babe!