boot camp

Seems like the perfect thing for my come back to the blogging world. And its free!!!! Come on you know y'all wanna join in as well!!!!
Starts June 6th.

Ps there is no PS today.
PPS opps
PPPS I know. Im sorry. That was so lame.
To make up for it.
Child : Mum can I lick the bowl?
Mum: No, you have to flush like everyone else.

PPPPS - I know, Im sorry again.
PPPPPS not half obvious I live in a house of boys is it???



Its been a bit of life before internet round here, I realise,  for the last 2 monthsish. 
And while a lil break during the easter school holidays was nice, Ive missed blogging.
 Ive missed just sitting here dribbling nonsense ( opps I mean letting well structured posts flow from my fingers).
 I missed reading my blogging friends ( who actually seem to have real content on their blogs,) Ive missed comment tennis and emails back and forth.
So while this is not an apology — an, like omg, like sorry I haven't posted in ages ( sorry my inner valley girl came out then)  post, it's an I miss this post. I miss you guys post. 

My life is slowly getting back to normal, so I hope to be back soon.

Ps ok, ok  so I know normal is not normally associated with my life.
PPs Why is it when one Zappa song gets in you head, they all sort of jumble up together?
PPPs - what, thats only me!??  Oh well I guess Im just that special.


really late Slice of Sunday

Turns out staying up late for 2 nights, scrapping, and laughing and gossiping is incredibly exhausting!!! All my fabulosity drained out of me, so a early bedtime last night was called for.  Update and an actual real post ( I know these days they are few and far between!)  to come!!! 

ps - thats our poor Daph in her incredibly sexy collar going down the stairs. 
pps - 430 posts on my reader, thankfully not all of them are people blogs - quiet a few are tut and photography blogs so that takes about half of them!!!! so 215 blog posts to read!!!


Wait for it......

Actual content ahead!!!! ( even the bunnies above are staring in awe at the awsomeness )
I know Im as shocked as you are! This family is finally on the wellness train ( well getting off ailment station anyway) , So slowly Im starting to do things like — get to read my favourite blogs, and small crafts.

oh and post about swaps that happened a bit ago (during the poor princesses disaster)


Remember my call out — oh about a million years ago?
Well, the amazing , most lovely Kayla answered my call.  
And in the mail, just after my hospital stay — bright blue squishy Peeps. We oohed and ahhed in awe of their blueness, and I squealed with delight over the few lil scrapping extras she added!!
And as for what we thought of the taste of them,  well there is a reason there were 4 left over for me to photograph! They were alright, but with an odd aftertaste, I was warned about.  After all the amazing Peep crafts I see around the net at easter, Im glad to have tried them. They are very cute, but not really for eating. 
Peeps down, candy corn down ( ewwww dont ask me about that adventure!!) What else should I try, anyone???

You know how we are all on the wellness train?? Well it better be fully away from the station on Friday......
Because of my very first ever, wait for it........

So to get my crafty mojo flowing again, I did the required name tag. No gross sticky labels for me ( besides they literally make me vomit — ughhh just thinking about them gets my gag up)
Double sided, cause thats how I roll.

Side A

Side B
So which side should I rock??

Ps Taking photos of peeps is harder then it looks!!! Esp with the ventolin shakes!
PPs - about the sticky label thing — surely by now you have realised Im a few sandwiches short of a picnic. You should see me deal ( or really not deal) with lolly wrappers like starburst or price stickers.  


For all the mummas out there

Slice of Sunday

Happy Mother's day to all the special Mums/Moms I know.  Hope you are all as blessed as I am.

And to my own Mother who I get to see next week. Have a safe flight, we cant wait to see you. We miss you lots!

And also to Bec, who I happily share this mothers day with. I couldn't have wished for a more wonderful person to share my sons life with. Thank you for making sure there are no evil stepmothers in Joshua's fairy tale. 

How was my mothers day? 

Just Lovely.

My beautiful middle made me some special presents in School this week (he was the only one in the whole house well enough to go anywhere this week! )

My darling laminated picture. Which since Friday afternoon he has been telling me, you cant open till "mubers day" 

And he decorated this delightful little pot plant — which was replanted once by his brother sitting next to him in the car on the way home from school Friday, and once by the Dog shortly after the picture was taken!

Ok now, See that first picture way up the top of the post?? 

That is My darling Big and myself shortly after my very first mothers day. 
How do I know it was shortly after Mother's day? 
Because my very First mothers day started in labour, and I was given the best gift in the world. I was 20,( by 8 days) when I had him, and so we have really grown up together.  A wonderful, amazing present, to have had in my life.

(even if he is now to old to smile for photos)

Josh, Happy birthday. I love you so much and I can already see the amazing man you will be. But, please slow down a little. Time is moving so fast and each time I turn around you grow even more. 
You are adored, always and forever.

PS I currently sound like a teenage boy whose voice is changing and has spent all night screaming at rock concert. It's a good sound for me........... not.
PPS how come I never get sexy Husky, just snotty husky??? I want a sexy voice
PPPS there is something sticky on my letter B. Thank you kids.
PPPPS follow up at the hospital tomorrow, wish me luck!! 


Slice of Sunday

Chicken Soup for our ails. 
Hope to be back to our regular programing this week. 
if there is anyone left!
Thanks to all that have left messages and emails, I appreciate every one of them, and Im sorry Ive been a bad replyer and commenter.  1000+ on my google reader that scared the bejevhas out of me, and thats one of my fav things is to see what everyone has been up too.