Party from a 12 by 12

Thank for all of Coopers birthday wishes. He had a blast of a day.
The mini shoot I did with him - hilarious. Lots of millions of monster faces and lots of blurry photos from where I am laughing too much and he is moving too much!
Though I did get some sweet ones as well.

All week he had been carrying around a cake book from the library talking about his
"dinodoor birfday cake"

All of the items I used were from one 12 by 12 piece of paper ( My Minds Eye - Wheels - Micro dot in orange)

  1. I fit the party hat ( short of time, I found a free online template. I used clear bra elastic so I wouldn't have awful white lines )
  2. The party Blower ( I had seen a few instructions here and there and so I winged it - make sure that seal around the straw is tight!!!)
  3. The door garland ( winged it - a big 3, circle punch and some crepe paper roll)
  4. The above cake flag ( the negative from the 3 and some scalloped scissors - swinging it old style!)
  5. And an extra number three - that was loved to death the night before.
The hardest part of making all of this was that I couldn't move fast enough for the boy! To be fair though I dont think superman himself could have moved fast enough to match the excitement of that lil guy!

Ps The party hat seen some lovin by the time I took that photo. And also some throwing - the thing held up pretty good. 3 year old monsters are very fickle creatures!


Michael Barrett said...

I Love the Birthday Cake. I must Email/ Facebook by 2 Year OLD One. Was a Choo Choo Train from Woman's Weekly Mag from way Back


daph-a-dills said...

These looked great. I was really impressed. You want to make a heap of "40" hats for me lol.
I love C's photos....they are so cute and beautifully captured!

Mandy said...

Really lovely...i seem to be using these colours in my pieces late..they look amazing together...i love that banner and the hat is wonderful...xxx

Angela said...

You did so well Sarah Lou!! Everything looks fabulous :-)