It has been a big week this week

This sweet lil guy turned three.
Im happy and sad at the same time - my last little boy is no longer a baby!!!
But three year olds are lots of fun!

Even if they have to make faces at photo shoots!
( Actually thats one of my favourite things of him! He makes the best three year old monster faces ever!)

Happy birthday my sweet Cooper. I love you a million.


Marelize said...

Happy 3rd birthday to your sweet little man. I agree, his monster face is the best ever! Lol! xx

ACreativeDreamer said...

That is one of the bestest three year old monster faces I have ever seen! Happy Birthday (although, I have to say I didn't find the 3's so fun)... I hope you have a wonderful year between birthdays!

Mandy said...

oh..he is adorable...3 is yhete best age don't you think..i loved 3 ony kids..oh don't be sad..i think the most wonderful thing for a parent is yo watch them grow snt change through every age..what a wonderful privilege ...my babies are 10..lol...take care and thanks for your kind words on my blog...its good yo see you back..think you only live 15 minutes away from me...lol..small world no?...xxx

Kate said...

aww 3!! bet you cant believe those 3 years have gone so fast already!!?

TRACEY said...

super cute