Slice of Sunday

One word - EWWWWWWW.

A loaded questiom

I really really really want a cuttlebug, the cheapest Ive seen is 115 and that high is just not in my budget for a bit.  does anyone in Aust have one they want to get rid of? Fingers crossed some one will email me!!!!


Merry Christmas

And have a wonderful new year, I feel blessed to have you all that read, heck I feel blessed to have any one at all reading this!
Ill be back soon (after I catch up on the last 2 weeks worth of blog reading), providing the big does not get the spot attack! Chicken pox and christmas stinks!
Our Beer holder christmas houses were finished quickly last night, adding cellophane windows and a battery operated tea light so they twinkle at night!


Slice of Sunday

A Slice of Sunday is being brought to you today by the letter C. This does not stand for Christmas Party with my family as it was meant to ( you know the type, good food, laughter, fun and presents) instead it stands for CHICKEN POX in COOPER!!!! 


The most unbelievable prize is being given away at Scrap happy Kat's
Check It out. See what happens when Im away from the computer?!?!?!



Cleaned off my desk, so I treated my self ( and made a new mess.......), and played with some of my new stamps! Just a quick lil Christmas Card.

Ps wanna know the best dollar I have ever spent.  Boring, ( for now anyway. )but heaven when waiting for the bus ( or for this coming Tuesday - The Bigs presentation day - always held out side)! 


This is what happens .

when you cant sleep, you have a lil play.
Doubt my house will be finished in time for this challege, over at the dollies, so this is now my entry.


Small toot of my own horn!

All quiet on the western front

Possibly the most boring picture in the world, yes?
This week has been sort of a bust. Im having a very Flat week, even scrap Tuesday ( which might I add was actually even held on a Tuesday this week!) was a bust. I watched daph scrap while I painted a few things and paced waiting for the air con men ( 4 hours late and then it took them 4 hours to put it in!). I have been planning in my head though ( and can I call reading the new Scrapbook Creations research???)  for a few things I want to try. 

So the white house eh? You wanna know what that is about.
I was sitting at the table, having a cuppa, daydreaming and staring at the empty beer six pack holder that Rod had left on the table ( yes the bin is only a step away incase you were wondering), thinking that might be useful to hold some paints. So staring and thinking, I noticed it was house shape, and I have always wanted a christmas house decoration.........
Then reading my blogs I notice this challenge,. at the wonderful Design Dollies. So what we have there is the beginnings of a white christmas house. A house in desperate need of a renovation.
Corrugated cardboard roof isn't completely attached ) just sits with a slit for the handle to stick through) as I thought I might hide some lil lollies in there. 
The Plan was today, to hit my local vinnies and get a bag of old decorations, to attach and spray paint ( esp. as now the big and the sweet middle want to get in on the act). I forgot one very important thing though. My local vinnies strongly believe there stuff is dipped in 5 carrot gold and over price everything. So no decorations from there today. Will have to get more creative and think out side the box!


Happy mail and Happy Links!

First click HERE,
This has to one of my most FAVOURITE blogs, and its got something of mine there!!! Im far too excited!

And then look what graced my door. From Inkurable stampers ( another of my favourite blogs!) and she is doing some great giveaways at the moment!
Not only did she send my most fabulous new stamps, but she even added a lil home made card. I love that extra lil touch!


I had another 5 mins

The boys are busy playing Wii, so just using what ever I could reach at my dining room table.

Much better

Would of preferred the tree to be a bit more dimensional, but my pop dots seem to be on a rendezvous with my white gel pen!!!!!! Hope they send a post card soon!


Report card says

Does not play well with purple.

 I found Design Dollies challenge site and saw the monochromatic purple challenge. Thought Id give it a burl, with out thinking exactly how little purple anything i owned!!! Not overly in love with the lil card I made, loved it more before DM and I had a tussle and I had to do the top scallops in DM.

What I am in love with is the fact I won some stamps HERE!!! Not just stamps, Drool worthy Christmas Stamps!

Ps the bottom of the paper i used as ribbon is torn and but just realised you cant tell in this pic and it just looks crooked!


Late night scrap

Just a lil scrap from last night as I was suffering from withdrawals and have a budgeting appt ( free service I thought Id take advantage of to try and get my head around budgeting when you get different amounts from week to week) today, instead of scrap tuesday with my gals. Bloody awful photo, will try and fix that this arvo!


Just Overheard

The sweet middle " Kook, Kookie come here, Ill give you a scooby snack"

This weekend

The Big gets a new ( well officially ) family member.  His Dad is getting married.  So Bec, congratulations, Im glad That I get to share the Big with such a wonderful amazing woman. Hope your Day is amazingly wonderful.


Snow balls in the heat

Remember this ?
 Well as I was making some more I thought Id try my hand at my first tutorial.
So on to  - Simple Easy Snow balls in the heat!

These are what you will need, I just used what I had on hand.
A million flat head pins 
Styrofoam ball 
Ribbon, enough to from a small loop 
Glue ( not totally necessary, I like the added protection), 
Felt, I just used some acrylic that we had lying around in the kids craft box
A pointy thing ( end of a pencil would work fine, I used my rub on tool)
Ok got all that together? Now to work

Make a hole in the ball with the pointy object of your choice, and then push the ends ribbon inside, forming a loop, making sure ends are tucked in. Inset a pin on either side at an angle into the hole. This is where I also squirted a touch of glue,just to be on the safe side.

Now the fun part, cut a million felt "circlish" shapes, mine are in no way uniform, but I swear it works!
Choose a place on the styrofoam ball, grab a pin, spear it through the felt and stab it in to the ball. 

And then a million times more, over lapping the circles as you go.

Until you get this! 
Hang on the tree and enjoy. 

Happy mail

Nothing like a pizza box full of prizes to perk you up in the morning (esp when you stayed up late knowing the full consequences of the morning!). Thank You Mad about scrappin.