Merry Christmas

From my crazy family to yours.

Ps This santa is standing in front OUR little white christmas tree in OUR lounge room ( also have him standing in front of the main tree bending down to get presents out of his sack. I did it here. $10 for 4 photos, I only did 2, im saving the other credits for Easter. I cant wait for Tyler to see him in our house, he is so excited planning where we should hide the camera to try and sneak a shot!


Dont have babies

They grow up too fast.
Congratulations to my baby for graduating year 6. Now for high school. Im only just a little bit heartbroken, I was positive it was only yesterday I took him to kindergarten.


But I wanted to make a butter sandwich...........

Or alternate title -

Why toddlers should never be left alone for even a minute!!!
He did enjoy the game we made of cleaning the train though!

Ps excuse bad photos, was laughing to hard.


keeping busy

With one real beautiful baby and her brothers ( Please ignore very tired looking mumma with the unbrushed hair! and focus on sweet babe in the handmade wrap, was going to post one without me but its one of the few have with her!)

And one "developing" baby (my first waldorf, her neck wrinkles will go, mine are just starting......)


See that kid?

He though vomit would make a great fashion accessory for me last night.

Ps It Sooooooooooooo didn't, even if it was a lovely raspberry colour!


Slice of Sunday

Crafty talk, cuppas and a good friend

PS Just for fun, this is what I see when I open up the fridge at the moment
If I look to the door, I have another 2 creepy guys in cowboy hats as well. Life in my house is never dull, where else can you get held up just for opening your fridge door??!?


Brought to you by the letter C

C is for cookie thats good enough for me, C is for — opps sorry about my bad singing, but it got stuck in my head, and why yes my favourite songs are from Seasme Street these days ( now I have the theme song running through my head - Can you tell me how too........!.

This week seems to be very C orientated.

Cooking Chocolate Coconut balls ( ok not really cooking, but stirring counts right............)


Craft ( A couple of the mummas I know have requested some headbands)

Creating Life ( robots no less)

Cute Cooper

Cat - the evil kind ( thought id throw a pic up of her cause my last one was after she survived the whole washing machine ordeal - I still check at least twice and sometimes have to pull all the clothes out again just to make sure before I can start the washing machine)

And just to top it off Im off to be beaten in a game of checkers by my 6 year old - the crafty bugger............

PS I should really throw a pic up of the computer as I have spent a fair it of time cruising ( another c word...) pinterest but that involves getting off my cushy ars... bottom ( sorry mum) and getting my camera which all just seems like far to much work right now.


IS it technically wrong

If I murder my husband in his sleep, but I have a darn good reason too?!?

Because last night was the worst nights sleep Ive had in the 2 and half weeks since i brought the baby home - and it was not Lara keeping me up.........

Its been hot here, last night was our first taste of summer heat, and since we switched rooms with the boys we have no more ceiling fan. SO in our warm room, with extra added heat from small sweet baby feeding, sleep was not really coming, but the minute I closed my eyes and felt sleep could come - husband snored, really, really really loudly.

All the tricks I normally employed - nadda. I kicked him, nadda, I rolled him back on the his side ( normally if he sleeps on a certain side he stops snoring) nadda, I blocked his nose so he stopped breathing - nadda ( though was tempted to keep doing it).

So because I have a really good reason, I should be allowed right? A judge will understand right???

But then I get moments like these and I think ill keep him after all.

Ps Besides who has energy to date and find a new husband......... Id have to put decent clothes on and start the house training all over again


Itty Bitty dress anyone??

Ok I have this printed out ( found here) , and about to choose my fabric for it ( Why yes, I do have fabric here that will work, but I really do still need to buy some more right? ...)

So what colours should I go with?? Im really feeling a bit overwhelmed by pink at the moment ( the sudden huge influx after years of it not playing a huge part in my childrens lives)

Im torn between and yellow and white polka dot, a red and white floral, or a navy and white thick stripe???

You know what I love

About being a mum of a girl,

Girly fabrics - loud bright fun girly print, soft romantic floral girly prints, all girl prints. For some reason the boys wont let me dress them in girly prints, stinky boys.

Oh no, its a new stash I have to build, how awful for me.............

All found via Fabric Traders, a aussie online fabric shop ( That i suspect my hard earned money might end up at).

Ps they are also giving away free fabric ( they must not know that who ever dies with the most fabric wins......... dont tell them!! ) - details here


Cause the only thing cuter

Then a new baby, is a new baby with flowers on her head.

My poor Lara girl modeling some head bands mumma was making, (a couple were for friends so some of the bands had not been sewn to size yet.)

Ps a million times thank you for all the congratulations. Id missed blogging and sharing with people. I did sneak over o most of your blogs but part of me not feeling creative was not feeling like commenting cause it didnt seem to matter what i had to say to people, so it means a lot to get yours and know that a few people out there were still checking in.


Im not sure If anyone still reads here

but I made something pretty fantastic and just wanted to share.
Lara Paige was born on the 23rd of October still in her bag of waters ( apparently very lucky) and our hearts are full and happy.

Ps actually feel like creating again for the past couple of months so hopefully ill be back again soon!


Its been so very Long

And life has changed so very much. Reality is a lot different then it used to be. Life has wiped my ability to enjoy the things I used to do, I haven't scrapped or crafted in ages ( though I had a layout in the previous months SBM and I had 2 in the masters mag), I dont feel like baking, though I try and without these things in my life I just feel sort of lost. Im not sure how to fill my days without hobbies.

And while there have been moments of pure Joy ( , christmas, a new nephew, my mothers visit, Easter and my boys turning 2,6 and recently 12, ) they seem to get lost in an ocean of misery

I have surfed through and am on the tail end of a return to my anxiety disorder, which totally controlled my life for a while there. While it did also return depression for a bit — it was only very mild and not the huge soul breaking cloud I have been through before

My children have been sick more times then I can count — esp. in the last month.

My beautiful BIL has recently been diagnosed with a brain tumor, one the doctors say will kill him and this esp. is changing my life so many ways. My husbands heart is breaking each day — his families heart is breaking each day

And on the 26th of January my beautiful friend lost her baby — half an hour after it was born at 34 weeks on Australia day.

The same day I conceived my beautiful bean.
During all this craziness I have been given a gift that is helping me through,
A little girl ( well apparently, we will see if it stays the same at the next ultrasound)
Due in October.

Ps thanks for the emails — etc asking if all was well, Im so sorry I haven't replied, I just haven't had the words.

P.P.s I realise this is a very misery guts post and im sorry. I am having a dwelling morning.