Slice of Sunday

Todays (or yesterdays) Slice if Sunday is brought to you, courtesy of the RockGod!
Thanks everyone that came out yesterday!

Ps - This weeks Slice could also be titled - The Other Women. Sometimes when he sitting there all quiet, I just know he is trying to figure out, who he would save first in a fire...................

PPs The Rockgod serenaded his mother for her birthday. I really do have the sweetest husband in the world ( even if I have to save myself  if the house burns down!!).


pretty, pretty, shiny, shiny

Met up with Miss Beth this morning for Coffee. 

The thing with coffee is, its right next door to Spotty.................

I was very well behaved at Spotty, just the above pretties for some more flowers. Kept me occupied for most of the afternoon, or at least the part of the afternoon I was able to convince to Kook to play guitar/drums/random noise with Dad, and then when that lost its shine ( or Dad got sick of Kook playing with his settings) to go and annoy his brothers ( again lots of random noise!). Having fun working out exactly which plastic material is the best and the best way to cut them etc. 

Ok enough of this pointless post ( Sorry guys, Im a football widow tonight ), Im off to play with Dollies colour combo - Grey and Yellow, my favourite combo of late.

Ps Im worried its not really the fact that the flowers look so great, but that Im addicted to melting stuff in candles. Hey where are the marshmallows?????

PPs for those scratching their head over the title - My gym partners a monkey,
and for those unfortunate to know the show - sorry if the theme song is now running through your head. 
cause Lyons my last name
My Gym partners a monkey, monkey monkey

PPPs - See why the rockgod does not let me sing in his band


In the Pink.

It was a very special ladies birthday today, My Mil. 

Happy Birthday Carmel.

So I got to get my feminine on ( living in the lands of bugs and boogers it was a nice change).
  I had this paper sitting around for ages, while not exactly my taste I knew as soon as I saw it that Carmel would love it. And cause the paper speaks for its self I went for simple. She loved it. 
It must have been the day for pink, cause I just sat down to escape the news, ( Ive had enough politics for one day) and whipped up another simple pink card for a special friend. Not sure im loving it though, so might have a change or 2 before it hits the mailbox. Seems toooo simple, but the paper is so busy it's colliding with everything I try. Hmm have to get my think on. 


 Never turn your back while your super cute helper is stacking your cube inks and eating a banana. Blue hands and banana flavoured glass. Yummo!!! 


Scrap Tuesday!

Just an ordinary Tuesday - good food, good friends and good fun!!!!
And I spent most of it, waiting waiting waiting waiting, 

Till it arrived.

 A Hotted up holden ute with a skinny 12 year old driver with a skunk strip in his hair, oh the best part — his number plate spelt chikko. 

Dude ( Sorry sometimes there are just no other words.....), I so do not think so!!!!!!!. 

But he quickly left, after he had carried in two big boxes!

My new bed.
Ahhhhh non brokeney bliss!!
So any way back to Tuesday.

Daph working hard.

And since my picture of Beth was very OOF here is a slightly less OOf of what she drags along EVERY week to Scrap Tuesday, now thats dedication! 

My main scrappy business today was finally trying my hand at these flowers. Only singed my fingers once!! Yay Go me!! And im dangerous crafter. If there is a way to hurt myself, I will find it. You should see me with a hot glue gun, actually stay far far far away from me with a hot glue gun!!!
I had read a few tutorials online and so just winged it, but if you want you can find a tutorial here. I learnt a lot from my first 2 and with a few slight changes cant wait to do more. I had a really really light champagne white colour but I think that colour requires more patience then I have, not to get black edges on the pale fabric. 

And just cause he is very very cute, An exhausted Kook, who feel asleep before I could wash his lil face. 

Now if you will excuse me, I am off to watch some dear friends get chased around a hospital by a gunman. And as it's a season finale its 2 hours of wonderfulness!

Ps - Hubbys band is playing at the Alroy Tavern at Plumpton on Sunday afternoon. Its a great place for the whole family, my kids love it there. We would love to see you there. 
PPs for those interested I think there is some sort of Car show on there in the morning. Maybe i should hunt down young hotted up ute guy. 


In the begining....

Me - a long long long time ago.

Slice of Sunday

The best way for a Sunday to finish. making Cinamon Scrolls. I cant show you the finished product though........... we ate them Quick!!!!

Ps Why does my Rotten protien/preteen, eat everything and anything, he can get his hands on, but will refuse my beautiful homemade lasanga???? 
Oh PPs - Are bananas safe for dogs to eat?? Kook shares his all the time will Midnite, and I keep forgetting to google it!!!
PPPS I was lazy and those scrolls were from a box, but There is a really lovely recipe in THIS book.
PPPPS Laylas Story - read with tissues
PPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPs - I cant believe I forgot the most important bit


Sleeping beauty

I woke up and it was friday today - big damn deal you say? Well, yeah, thats what follows Thursday??
Not for me. This time anyway.

When I went to bed it was Tuesday afternoon. 

I played the game.
 And I lost, big time.

I was terrified of playing the game. I was terrified of having my healed perforated esophagus open up again. No more hospital!! Thankfully it stayed shut. And Today I feel like my normal self again ( sorry to those close to me......)!
So I celebrated being well, Scraploot. 50% off a lot of things. The best way to celebrate ( esp. When that morning a package had arrived from Little Scrapbook Shop!, and I was finally well enough to open my What is Old is New Again  June Vintage kit that had arrived on Wed ( where do you guys shop online??)).
So anyway a million years ago when I last posted I said I would up date what Ive been up to, so here are a few layouts that Ive been working on, some from quiet a bit ago ( retreat and beyond). 

My I entry from my art journal

Ill be back with my catch up on my Boot Camp tomorrow, tonight, I, the band widow that I am, have a date with some little boys for Sandlot Marathon. Ill catch up on my blog reading tomorrow night ( nrl season....).   

Ps See those alphas up the top? The Heidi Grace ones?? Im on the search for more. And so far its fruitless. They are my go to, In fact I have used them a couple of times on the stuff above. They alter wonderfully well. 

PPs winner of my mini Giveaway was 

aussiescrapper said...

I wonder if the green was the colour least liked!!!!!!!!



Didn't charge her camera fully last time, so someone should really not be as surprised as she was when it dies again. 
Someone cant show you anything now till tomorrow, so instead enjoy this which was posted on the creative boot camp blog, and Ill be back tomorrow with photos, and a million years worth of scrapbooking layouts, and my letter I art journal entry. 


Last (wo)man standing.......

I dont wanna play no more!!

We seem to have a special game 'round here on long weekends. I like to call it last (wo)man standing.  I win it a lot. 
Its starts either really early in the morning or last thing at night. This time round it started at 6 on Thursday morning. It starts with that special cough. 
That one that can bolt a mother upright in bed, no matter how sound asleep she was. The one where you listen for the inevitable. You all know whats coming Im sure. 

Vomit, multiple vomits. 

Fun. Lots o' fun.

And then it becomes a competition to see how many can get taken down at once. Especially when you only have one bucket. 

Im winning so far this long weekend.  My prize???? I get to clean up all the near misses. Ewwwwww.

So ill keep this short and simple. 

Heavy Metal. 
Im married to a rock god,  But he is a rock god that does not like to have his photo taken. Especially when his wife suggests we go to this really cool looking fence down the road.  Why not the garage, he cries???
Hello evil fluro tube lighting and evil mismatched carpet walls. Yeah, umm Nice.
So here is the Rock Gods fav picture of his guitar and his sexy leather jacket.

I struggled with this one a bit, until that is I went to get the washing off the line ( God, I hate any chores that involve washing clothes, esp. the folding and putting away), so while procrastinating ( throwing ball around for Dog) I noticed the weeds growing through this rusted drum that has been sitting there waiting patiently to become my herb garden. Perfect. Thank you weeds!!

I had been wanting to try one of these shots for ages. So when Daph wanted to steal Kook for a photo shoot at Nurragingy Reserve to test out her little Red wagon, I jumped at the chance knowing that the waterfall there would fit the bill perfectly. And it did, except I forgot to add time for the power of a cranky tantrum throwing clinging to mum superpower of a 1 and a half year old. So just as I worked it out, I had to quit. My poor boy ( it wasn't long till he joined in the afore mentioned game, oh I could have used that for fluid — ewww chunky fluid). So anyway fluid

Ps Ive so had enough of the game right now!!!
PPs The masters double is kicking my arse!! I hate doubles!!
PPPs still a couple of days left to enter my mystery giveaway.
PPPPs Im hoping to get my arse into gear and photograph and post, the letters Ive done in my art journal of late, tomorrow, so kick my butt if I dont!!!!!!


Flowers flowers flowers

Just came across this swap, At a new to me blog Chantilly Rose Crafts Im thinking of joining and thought that a few of you guys might be interested!! ( Im just waiting to see if internationals can join in).


Captains log

The prompt  - Multi layered, The photographer - slightly loopy. The time - 5 mins of peace after running ridiculously late to drop the big 'uns off to school.

To be honest the first thing I thought of was Shrek.  

So I put it in my maybe list. Onions that is, Ogres are a bit hard to find ( not that time of the month yet).  Then I thought and decided a self portrait. Im multi layered, most layers are slightly leaning to the, well, lets say eccentric side, but I have layers.

A Sarah Lou is like an onion.........

Sorry anyway.....
Miss Beth and I decided to hit the markets in search of Martha Stewart punches, and I knew there would be not enough time to pull back the couch ( to get to the good light) and fart arse around with the self timer, but wanted to play anyway, so looked around and spotted my art book, and a few other bits ( knitting needle, scisor, ribbon and my fav writting pen). What the beep, a quick still life. Snapped a few shots until my chariot arrived. 
After the markets turned into Lunch and turned into Fred the Needle ( thank you for the kids corner!!!!) and turned into racing to the school to get poor long suffering childrens. 
When poor long suffering childrens and I got out of the blistering freakin cold wind(!!!!!!!!) in to my nice snug, gas heated house.  I looked in my room and thought. 

Circular Saw.

Yep no lie. Thats what I thought. So thats what I did. Of course I didn't do it till, I had rung Rod and asked him where it was and if it needed charging. Oh and I had promised not to do anything till he got home.  

I didn't wait
Remember the no patience thing.......

We have a tiny master, well not tiny but with badly placed built ins and windows, and I have our big old front door for my desk. Well, it aint quiet as big now, but now its in front of the window which is where I wanted it all along. And since I was power tooling and rearranging why  not do a major clean out???? 
Currently, its in the "has to get worse before it can get better" stage, but poor rock god husband needed to go to bed. 

So anyway ( 6 and a half years later, Ill get to the bloomin point) cause I felt the need for power I didn't get to do my self portrait, So for your viewing pleasure, a still lifeish picture of multi layered.
Stuff I can do. Or Darn tooting im talented!

Ps Mum, is the Darn tooting better then the Dudes??


Sex and picnics

Last weekend started and ended with me in the exact same seats of the exact same session of the exact same movie. A movie about friends. 

Today was Scrap Tuesday, now the name may be slightly misleading. Some times we do and sometimes we don't, but its really about friends, and today was no different. Today our friend Cindy joined us. The first time back since the sudden death of her mother. So we did what every good friend does, drank hot chocolate, ate Tim Tams, laughed and talked about scrapping cozies for the special battery operated friends in your life. As you do. 

We had missed Cindy.

Today was also Day 2 of boot camp, and let me tell you it was no bloomin picnic ( the prompt) !!!!! My photographic time was short and well I just had a stinker of a day ( photog wise). I don't know if I like at all what we got but it really goes with the journaling we had for that day

"Journal Prompt:

Do you shy away from calling yourself an artist? If so, what do you think makes someone else an artist and not you? What are some ways that you can start today to outwardly reflect your inner artist? Name three people who you would be comfortable sharing your creative work and projects with. "

 Today I was not an artist. Today I tried and learnt though.  And that's a darn tooting start. 

Ps, Daph we also missed you. Come back soon.

PPs very surprisingly Sex and the city 2 was better the second time around ( well couldn't get much worse!!) I guess cause I had no expectations of it being good, so I could enjoy it for what it was.  

PPPs I have no idea why Im darn tooting. Its my inner yokel. My you might be a redneck if.....


And Ivory was her name.

The journaling - a letter to ourselves, the prompt - Ivory.  The Brain - stretched. The fingers —trigger happy!

Ok so these are my 2 fav ivory photos. Far from my original idea, I wanted the smooth creaminess of the Kooks cheek with a hint of eyelashes. So I patiently waited till he was napping, had purposefully let him fall near the lounge window and quietly yelled Yippee and got my camera.

Dudes - issue, red, angry, bumpy, teething cheek rash.

 Far from his beautiful creamy ivory skin, but it's ok I had a back up ( The beauty of being in Australia doing a US based class, we live in the future over here. I read and journaled last night, and got to ponder into the weeeeeeeee hours of the night, and it still was Sunday over there when I woke up this morning!)

Think Ivory, think wedding. So I got out my dress and wedding pic, hmmm needed a lil somethin' somethin'. So I got out my pearls, and then I got some of my crystal and went from there.

PS these are almost just Sooc - I transfered the jpegs to see which raws I wanted to upload, but then my battery died and well you know I have NO patience, so just the basics jack. 

PPS Im off to do my day 2 journaling, you are all boot camping as well right?????

PPPS - ill leave the teeny giveaway open till next week, dont forget to enter - no requirements except a comment needed!

PPPPS Does it mean I am old if I have pearls and crystal???????????????????????????? 



What colour we liked least, and ill send somebody a lil something.

Ps - I soooooo told you they were talking to me! 

PPS ill leave this open till the 16th of june.


ok, sigh, much better

Im happy now, I think I wanted to be that other template/ background sort of person, but it was an uncomfortable fit. Im just not that background. I think Im more this type. 

I guess thats what this time of life is about. learning who I am, thats not defined under mother, daughter or sister. So please if you know let me know!

Ps the only slight quirk I have found is that it shows the post twice on the single entry - but Im a bit quirky so it fits. 

pps though Im really liking this one as well.


Au Revoir and hello.

My mumma is back in France ( Thanks for all the goodies mum, sorry about the dude-ing), my health is A ok and so finally is all my family. My beautiful Friends are still battling on, and June is here - umm hello, May where did you go??? And Im back! Thought If I was going to do a break to do it darn well!!!! 
Scared???? You should be.  

Ps for Aussie lovers of Jelly Belly who dont want to pay $2o buckaroos a box - Belly Flops from the reject shop!!! Heaven - except mine seem to be talking to me, saying things like I do and Try and Like and other wonky things which Im assuming is words - it worries me my Jellie bellies are calling me a try hard.........
$6 smackaroos people!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We might have polished off three bags these past 2 weeks, maybe, sorta. Complete heaven when I found these.

PPs - I know simple things, simple minds

PPPS thanks for the love on the new background - not sure if im feeling it though, does it seem me?