Out of the hat

Lost my mojo this morning and didn't have the foggiest what I wanted to scrap at Daphs, so I checked out what challenges were on this month, found my self over here (again( top one)).
Challenge pieces were
1. Use some sort of distressing on your layout 
2. Use black & white and only 1 other colour 
3. Use different types of lettering in your title 

So I did this.

 Using newspaper clippings from the daily telegraph in leu of the photos I missed. Journaling says the day the wind (was not) Blue. Blue is written in orange, under the black mesh.
Sorry about the crappy full layout photo, just could not get a good one!



Nothing seems to have been gotten done this week, a very higgeldy piggeldy type of week. The Husband was off this morning and is worried he will be sick for a gig tomorrow night (not that it matters cause after his precious eels lose, Im not sure how he will play anyway!). Tomorrow will change that hopefully.  The scrapping that we missed on Tues. we are having tomorrow, and then when the big gets home from school, its time for the dreaded bedroom clean!
Bring On Friday! 

Picture is of an card I had made previously,  in honour of the Husband - may he get well soon, cause sick hubbies are the worst!!



I love an adore orange, its one of my favourite colours. Unfortunately one the few places I dont think it belongs is the sky. 

Dust storm. 

Our reality this morning(!), which started with a phone call waking us up, telling me that No one was to leave the house.  Rod made me promise that we would all stay in doors and not open the door.  
We are an allergy /asthma house and we have lil ones, So no one had to tell me twice. 
The big was over the moon at day off school. Neither He or I could recall seeing one before. The sweet middle is heartbroken at the being stuck inside part. He keeps telling me " I not get sick". Sorry bub!!
 I missed the photo op due to running around dealing with my three, but Daph has a photo on her blog of what we woke up too! Other great photos are here, on the Channel Nine news page.



Look here, I saw this and fell in love with these lanterns. I can picture them in my minds eye strung across the boys room and some above my craft area.  Now go look here, Ill wait till you are finished being distracted by the adorable owlies! Ok Now read under - thats me!! Im so excited! Thanks you so much Melly and Me!
Off to scrap (Well, hopefully soon if my ride gets here,) so more pics latter!

PS. Photos of the ducks feathers cause Im a lucky Duck!



Were back! 
A wonderful relaxing time was had by all, the most taxing thing I did all weekend was sketch a plan for my Softies For Mirabel, and that was hardly unenjoyable! 
Miss it already, esp my dad and my niece.  Though the sweet middle one is very upset that we had to leave his "widdle" house


Ohh I want

Go To HERE, To the retro Mummy blog , for a giveaway!!! But dont win because I want to, ok?

Enjoy your weekend everyone, we are escaping down to Dads for a weekend in a beach front cabin. See you soon!

Ps Photo of the wisher is so you can wish you were going to the beach as well!



Im having issue with my camera, or rather Im having issues with my photo taking skills today  Im trying to take a photo of the layout I did last night, but in my fluey haze I cant seem to avoid the glare from the sky on it. Above are some small elements I have used - from the second vinatge release kits from What is Old is New Again, and some stash stuff.

I had hoped to finish me craft room ( ok half a room ) redo today, But the only thing I have done is watched One Last Thing
The only thing I want to do is lay down, read and cuddle my husband - but The kook is awake ( At 8 months this is full on play stop him from climbing all the time!), The sweet middle is back from grandparents day ( he goes there once a week, to play and keep both the him and my father in law occupied!), and Rod has overtime Again, which Ill appreciate when we are away, just cant manage that right this second. I miss my man.


A Fashion Tip

From the sweet middle one



I wasn't completely happy with my last LO, so I did some slight tweaking.  Still not completely happy but happier. Does neutral coloured straw count as a colour ( it is an aged vintage creamish colour)? cause that kicks me out of the challenge, but its a much better Lo now I also want to go back and ink the edges of the Josh one, but that is stuck down.

Ps the Journaling says - I still feel like her inside, and on the bottom of the torn paper scallop says my teenage self once upon a 1997

Trying something new

Last night whilst surfing, I can across this Blog - lets get shabby -  and decide to give this style ago. Its definitely something new for me, very soft and girly and floaty.  I found it hard to keep adding, as I noticed it is a very full style, while not being busy. I didn't realize how much I had already fallen into one style, until I did this. 
So here is my Challenge Three entry. 

  We could use white and/or cream and a hint of another colour. 
I love some of the little elements of the page. 
I raided parts of grandmothers sewing box, and used my punched paper lace doily flowers ( it took me forever to figure out  how to punch them with out the punch ripping right through them, thank goodness they come in such large lots!), with some aged cream flowers I found yesterday.

Late last night, after that i did some surfing though some entries  - Jaw dropping!!! I dont think mine can compete but it was good to try something new.


Got my scrap on!

I decided to do the Whats old is new again challenge. This is what I came up with. I used some of the August Happy Chappy kit, and some pieces from my stash that just happened to go well. 

I love this photo of Joshie. Its from kindergarten (2005) and he had done his athletics carnival that day.

I also might be waiting on some new kits from Whats old is new again, or I might not. Who am I kidding, I certainly am! Come on pizza box of goodies! The first kit set I ever brought was from them.


Sock it to me

Tyler had been wearing a sock he had picked up from the spare sock basket for a bit, pretending it was a puppet. 
Finally I took pity on the poor thing and after some quick magic from the medium one and I , we turned him in to a real Puppet. 

A few buttons, some funky yarn I had a the bottom of my stash, and some stick on velcro dots, makes a Mr potato head style puppet.  
He enjoys changing up the face and has requested some new looks for his new friend, and some new hair ( of course Ill hate doing that, getting new buttons, and finding different yarns ( hair is changeable as well), what a hardship!).  

Feeling guilty about the warn out grey old sock but he loves it!

By hook or By crook

Im feeling the need to get my crochet hooks out again, maybe ill finish the blanket or do my Mirabel softie, I just need to get it in my hands.


just a couple

Since We missed scrap tuesday ( actually now that I think of it, I missed last week as well, due to the big being sick) a couple of LO's from The last one.  

This one is from a photo session I found from high school photography - I suspect it was from Jarrods camera ( my first love, one of the cut ups from the contact sheet is him) as there was an awful lot of me on the contact sheet.  
The row of bling up along the edge of the big photo was from a kaisercraft blingy shape I had no need for so just cut one and laid out in a line.

This one is from the whats old is new again kit from August.  A while ago now, but the bigs first day at big boy school.

I started scrapbooking this year - March I think. I wish I had started earlier. Oh the scrap stash I could of had!

These are a few of my favourite things

When the dog bites, when the bee stings... Ill be singing that all day now. 

This morning when I checked my emails there was one from the library.  Some of my books that I had on reserve were in (It was the perfect remedy for the blueness of missing my scrap tuesday with my girl friends, Daphne, and blogless cindy) .

I am a library-a-holic, I would live there if I had the chance. My reserve list is ALWAYS full, and the library staff just have to see my face and they go reaching under the counter for my new books. I go a couple of times a week. Have I mentioned I love it so?

  The photo is just some of the few I have on loan at the moment, its not unusual between myself and the boys to have the full 30 something you are allowed to borrow at once.


Craft room

Ive been dying to get in to my craft room (read bedroom with a massive old door as a desk) and create, but I promised my self Id finish doing my big decluttering chuck out, but Id have more energy to finish it if I recharged with some craft, but i promised myself none until I finish it. Its a vicious cycle. 
Old picture again, doll I created for a little friends birthday, have been thinking of softies I can do for Mirables. (See a few posts down)
Cord coming the weekend ( hopefully - have to con hubby into driving down to Penrith with me) 

A letter writing swap

Go here and sign Up 


Is it Wrong

Ive been thinking of Christmas? 
Craft that is. 
Cooking, eating and, decorating up a storm as well if the truth must be told. Starting to itch for it. It must be the spring clean up, Ive found all my christmas decorations. Im a decoration addict. Mum brings me some back where ever she is.
My second christmas with my mumma overseas and my first as a mumma of three. 
Bring on Christmas I say! 
(114 sleeps apparently)

my usb cord for my camera is apparently not a normal one so I have to get to the camera shop a few towns over, so another old photo - santa ornament I made last year with my ( my mum remembers having this one as a kid) pompom maker kit