A few too Many ( a giveaway)

What are those you ask? 

Well they are some of these. And I have more then enough for me, so Im going to give a couple away, they come in 2 types. So if you want one, click my email button and write me.  And just cause Im curious tell me where you hang out on line. Ill send OS. ( and im not fussed if you havent commented before, though please say hello, I cant believe how much joy a simple comment can make!))
Im also overjoyed to say congratulations to my dear friend Daphne, who has had her first photograph published. The first of many Im sure. 


A Couple of Tags

I have been playing with - 2 finished, one a WIP

Tag 1 - french Dictionary, and various lil embellishments - including the lil blue button ( the pair to the lil red guy from the freebie oppies). Inked in bronze with a lil squirt of real glimmermist.

Tag 2 - some lil patterned paper I had ( not sure of who by), cork circles with jones Tones - clear for the DM (bella) an lil rhinestone flowers ( hot dollar or something similar), inked with Red and a red triangle brad from blogless Cindy.

Tag 3 - WIP - serviette with Jones Tones ( apparently as seen on TV?!?) clear for that DM look on  the flowers, inked in gold.  ( serviette is the same one from my altered bust a few posts down)
Not sure how Im going to finish it off any suggestions?
Any suggestions on how I should use them? 


Close ups

Just a close up of the softie Im in the middle of. I cant finish though, till I get off my arse and clean up my work space!
The Blue gingham is from a upholstery sample book from the oppies, the pink fairies are from Saffron Craig, and the yellow flower is a pillowcase from the oppies. The yellow will be his body fabric.

Also a HUGE congratulations to my Public Speaking District entrant - The Big. Something that we would of never been able to imagine, for my once extremely shy anxious lil boy. Im proud of you Bub!


WIOIN Sketch

Ive had it done for a while just had not photographed it yet.
Picked up the lil red guy at the op shop ( that and a blue button were my only finds there so she let me have em for free!). While this looks a LOT like the Kook ( ok except for the massive chubbiness) its actually the Sweet Middle


Slices of Sunday AND monday

What else are rainy Days good for?
scrapbooking, sewing, playing card games from high school mulberry muffins, damper and Custard cookies


just WOW

Everybody who loves felt and cubby houses or just gosh darn cute things go looksee what has been made here. 

Oh and while you are at it, Papercrafters try this flower - too too adorably cute!

Poor boys

This is what I cam home to on Sunday, it was a lovely treat right before all the vomiting started. Yep spewing and the other end Each of them are taking it in turns, Kook, Then the sweet middle. The Hubby at 2 am and The big who is has been back from school holidays for exactly three days is languishing on my couch. 
I dont have the energy or time to get sick, so I have forbidden it to hit me. Im a maid of honor on Saturday and my sister in law was going to do my hair cause Im sick of feeling frumpy. So its just not happening. 

And frankly as I was reminded this week over and over - I just dont like cleaning up vomit.

A lil something I have been working on ( before the vomit that is!)

Ps Go back to Daphs for the rest of the story of our trip away!


Where Have I Been?

Ive been to london to visit the Queen, pussy cat pussy cat what did you do there?

Not really but I haven't been home. Daph is telling the story best and Id hate to ruin her 2nd half!



Today needed sweetness, Hence the cookies. 
Old fashioned Custard Powder Biscuits
1/2 cup flour
1/2 cup margarine 
1/4 cup custard powder
1/4 cup caster sugar

Mix into a dough and roll into little balls. Flatten slightly with a fork. bake at 180 for 20 mins
Eat with a Cuppa, good book and the children locked in a cage or sent away! 
Ps I was only joking about the kids - no one will take them and I dont own a cage big enough!


A slice of Sunday

Any one else have one?


Lil bits

1 lil ol' paper mache bust I picked up from spotlights el cheepo table. main body is covered with a serviette, then flowers galore and a hint of bling and soem copper perfect pearls. Have to find some sort of stand for her

2 - my spur of the moment circles I decided to paint a while ago, on top are branche swe got from freedom a million years ago. Sits above my desk. ( hoping to get a full photo soon, but the lighting stinks except for early in the morning and my boys and I are lay abouts!)

3 - close up of the mini bunting

4 - mini bunting on shelves ( note handmade glimmer mists, and empty containers from the worlds best hot chocolate mix - Lindt. )

Just a few lil things Ive been working on. lay out and sewing to come. Mini bunting came about because - I forgot to take photos to last weeks scrap day with the girls. Photos people!!!!
 These are taken in my craft space - a corner of my bedroom which does not get nearly as much natural light as I wish. Hanging out to afford a daylight lamp!
Ps I hate slow power - we actually ran out of broad band on the 3rd this month. 
Pps do NOT see ghosts of girlfriends past - Matthew Mcconaughey, How you have broken my heart!


Today i lost something

My virginity, my petrol pumping virginity. 

Maybe I should explain, yes I am thirty but I have never pumped petrol before in my life. I have my learners for the third time ( each time I got them before I got pregnant and was to afraid to learn to drive!). 

So I pumped petrol and Rod laughed all the way home. I made the mistake, you see, of telling him I was disapointed. MY hand hurt and it wasnt any fun. It always looked fun to me. So I wanted to try it and it got in my head that even though I didnt drive, Im still old enough to pump petrol. 
But it wasnt any fun at all. 

And now Rod will make me do it again. 

Photo has nothing to do with the post but they look at you wierdly if you try to take a photo at a petrol station!



I need new batteries still for the camera so no show and tell today ( roll on payday tomorrow) its driving me up the wall. I have a fair bit to share. So ill just share a tut I followed today ( just ask my wilton food dye stained hands, got a lil excited) , so thanks to this tutorial and the free cycler that gave me all her inks and some perfect pearls, I now own a brilliant blue, deep purple, bronzey pink, and the most beautiful perfect granny smith apple green (can you tell its one of my favourite colours - just need to get an orange one now and ill be in colour heaven) sparkly mist, all for the price of some travel sprtizers.

Oh while you are at her blog , check out her flower tutorials .
And since Im sending you places go here.
You will not regret it, she has gotten me into making cards. A beautiful drool worthy blog.

photo is of a recent lunch the sweet middle made me. Yum.


Happy Birthday!

One of my favourite challenge blogs Is having its FIRST birthday so its a month of fun and goodness! Come on over and see whats happening


Just signed up for this swap. Go on you know you want too!

Im just waiting now to see if my letter writting swap has reached its destination. This is the Amazing woman I got partnered up with for that.


Blog candy Galore!

 I often go to this blog to drool, and this is not helping my poor damp key board any! cant figure out how to get the piccie up of it in my tired stupor so just trust me and click the link!

Holy Cow!!

Look here,
now scroll to where it says Public Choice Runner up - see that name its mine!!, and I checked Im the only one by that name in the challenge. So not expecting that - each time I saw a new entry go up, I kept going Oh wow. this will win or that will. ( incidentally the one that one is the one I voted for so im glad to see that!). I entered my the day the wind ( was not) blue and The quality of the photo of the  LO out was shocking! Im Shocked but happy.

ITs been all quiet here on the western front as my hubby who never takes a day off is ill and has been off since this time last week. He still is not well. I had to stay home last night instead of going to see The Script at concert. The things we do for love. But on the bright side I have ben playing with my sewing machine, playing around for Softies for Mirabel.
No pictures though as my camera is demanding new batteries! 

Cute baby shows what will be going on around here this weekend - dying husband or not. He has been waiting a long time for this ( am I a horrible wife if the only reason I care about the Eels winning is so I dont have a sooking Hubby all off season!?!)