A sneak and a giveaway

Thanks for the support about the dreaded phone company. Hubby was impressed with me tonight!!

A quick sneak of what I was up to last night. Anyone recognize the purple, open here? Its from a certain packaging. And because Im in a great mood, If you can name what was in the wrapper, ill include you in the chance to win a small prez, 

A hint can be found here (in my top 5 things), and another hint is it has been in the news ( well the company) as I believe an american company is trying to by it from the uk this past week. 
So leave a comment by Tuesday the 2nd.
Ps both the company and the product start with the third letter of the alphabet. 
PPs its bloody delicious!! And I might have a slight addiction! 

Phone Company hell part 2

Never fear, a change of person on the phone and Im ok!! I should be back, if the phone call ends as good as it's starting - why do they have crappy music on hold?????

Long live Sam at the gold coast centre and good on me for holding my ground, no matter what she said. I knew I was right in this instance!!! Long live the boys for semi behaving while I was on a very long hone call.

sounds like an academy award speech 
Id like to thank........

So from $555.36  to $95.79 all in one long stressful phone call. ( I literaly cried when I saw that first amount! )

Phone Company hell

Think im being held by hostage by telstra and bigpond.com so if i dont come back.....


Back to School

The house was not so happy today.

We had to wake up early, and we dont like getting up early!!
The Big is back at school, and The sweet middle starts on the 8th , the house is slowly winding down back to a slightly more organized routine pace. 
Got to get my scrap on tonight, but that piece will have to wait to be seen, not long, just till the beginning of Feb.

ps That was the only photo I was allowed to take. Preteens have 'tude!


A Sweet treat for.......

Drum Roll please

You all had me giggling like a school girl so I told The Big to pick a number, he chose 7. So kate with her Joke

kate said...

aw not good sarah hope you are feeling better today. will leave you with a bit of a joke: 

Q.How can you spot the blind guy at the nudist colony?
A. It's not hard.

That had the inlaws cracking up for ages might I also add. 
Email me your address and Ill get the flowers out.
Thanks for the understanding emails and comments in my time of horrid crankiness!

Ps Photo I took at the Zoo a while back ( pre Kook). 


Slice of sunday revised

Quite Frankly, my plan for Sunday stank - Big time. So we changed it. 
So here is my new, slightly more picture heavy then normal, definitely more fun, Slice of Sunday.
ignore greasy finger mark on lens - Im trying too!

Ps if you need a laugh, check out the comments in my mini giveaway 

Slice of Sunday

(Alternate title - trying to make washing powder look fun.)

Fore mentioned card - a trifecta!

Ok you were all warned, I was in a cranky arsed mood last night, and I am worried it may have slightly shown in this card......

So, does it show???
I made this for the Design Dollie Trifecta
Sketch (flipped on its side),  Colours - Lime Green, white and Turquoise and 
the elements - three things from my favourite love to sing and annoy my boys  - These are a few of my favourite things
Tied up with string

snowflakes that fall on my eyes and eyelashes

When the dog ( or in this case cranky woman) bites

Ps Dont forget Im a guest designer at Design Dollies in Feb! More great Challenges are coming!


Cranky foulness ( small giveaway)

I am in the biggest foul arsed, cranky, had enough, fed up, wanna run away mood ( which might have shown a little bit, in the card I just made for the design dollies challenge this week).
Someone cheer me up, I have an unopened packet of Green Tara, pack of 22 paper petals in batik pink for who ever can make me laugh the loudest (I'll send anywhere). 
Go on leave me something funny ( save my boys from horrid cranky mumma) before midnight on Tuesday. You know you want too. 

Ps photo of said card and the mini prize will come with the light tomoorow


A to Z, let it B

Let it B, Let it B.......
So you all remember the challenge I set myself, (and any one who wants to join in) right?

This is my letter B. 
Bad as in Bad mother ( and not the mo' fo' type, Im really a sweetie, really I am!). 

 A bit of free hand paper cutting because I quiet enjoyed it the first time ( though Less fibrous paper and a new scalpel from next time!)

I enjoyed feting messy, and using poor mans flocking( threw that about like it was confetti!),

I must admit Im enjoying allowing myself not to try and be a perfectionist and having no rules, with most importantly no shame in my own work. 


Are you?

( clarification - a no reply blogger means, when I get your comments in my email, it comes up as no reply, and so I cant reply straight to your comment)

The Cat and I have a new man servant

Dont worry as the only 2 females of the house we still rein supreme, but we now have a new male to boss around ( even if he didn't feel like posing properly for a photo, lots of the above as he checked the place out).

His name is Midnite ( not chosen by us or spelt by us!) We arnt so keen on that so have been calling him Midi - which gives my husband great opportunity to say we call him a midi because he isn't big enough for a schooner ( yep, I married a westie!!)
Stand by for the letter B in my A to Z art journal Challenge tomorrow

Ps Those near Alexandria in NSW tomorrow night, go see the westie and his band (Fatt Lipp) in action at the Iron Duke, the Westie is the hot guitarist!


A to Z Challenger

Heather took up my challenge, her A page blows me away.  She even has the most "peary" perfect cover. Go say hi!
My B page will be up on friday

Expressions of Swap interest?

I am dying to try a ATC ( I want to stretch my self as much as I can this year, try new things), and I love Post secret,
So I though I'd see who else out there would be interested in a post secret theme ATC?
Here is what Im thinking, we each make 1 or 2 fun and light post secret style ATC, seal them in an unaddressed envelope, and then pop that and a self addressed envelope in the mail to me. I randomly selected sealed envelopes to pop in the SAE and send em back out. You get back a ATC by one of the participants - anonymously
Any takers - leave a comment or email me - button on the side.

Mashed or Baked??

I am in love the Inkurable Stampers blog, but haven't been able to play along much, for the simple fact is I dont have many stamps. ( Ive only been paper crafting for less then a year, so it will take time to build up all the tools and treats I want, and boy do I want!!).
They have a Paper art doll challenge going on which I thought I could try out with another thing Id been wanting to try - paper cutting. So with out further adieu 

So using a spud for the body, arms ( fingers are tough lil suckers to carve!), and face, a swirly wave stamp by Daisy D stamp and a unidentified clear dragonfly stamp for the wings. She reminds me a bit of a seventies illustration book that the boys used to have.
Is Vera every thing i wanted her to be - definitely No, I had a lot more "polished" crisp arty look in mind, but I had fun playing any way. 


Slice of Sunday

2 crisp sweet simple delightful words
Apple Gelato


In a lot nicer news


My first one, I never expected to ever get one, Im honored that someone ( the amazing Penny) thought I was good enough to give it too!! These awards induce one of my favourite hobbies - blog surfing!!! So I always love these posts on peoples blogs. 

So in accepting this award I apparently now must
1) Name 5 things I love
2) Present it to 5 other bloggers I think are fabulous
  • My freecycle delonghi coffee machine, does the most supurb froth.
  • My local Library - would live there if I could
  • Baths - the ultimate escape ( well untill the kids find you and all of a sudden you have 3 extra bodies in there!)
  • Chocolate
  • Big Love is back!
Now for 5 bloggers - this bit is hard cause, I have a heap  that are fabulous on my reader.
  • Daphne - my friend a fellow scrapper - who supports me in everything and is there no matter what.
  • Teresa - who I was matched with in a swap last year, i admire her so much and wish that I had the nerve to try quilts and the sewing she does.
  • Ann- Marie - she has not posted in a bit ( but i hope that changes soon!) her digi work blows me away.
  • Mandy - I surfed across her blog last year and added it to my following list. Down to earth and just plain brilliant!!
  • MustangKayla - a really lovely fellow scrapper, who seems to be constantly producing beautiful new things

Feel a lot better now I was able to share some niceness! And this was only some of my favourite blogs, will have to do a favourite links post soon I think!


Excuse my pretend french, but Im cranky.
 This morning we got paid, I paid bills and then we went to the supermarket to get a few things and get lunch for the piglets. Instead I got to stand at the bank dealing with crap for awhile ( and I was not the ONLY one). 

We got skimmed.

Between paying bills and hitting the shops, bastards got into our account and stole what was left (thankfully mortgage was in the savings). They had used my husbands card details ( which due to him being on holidays had not been used since the 23rd of dec - too lazy to swipe his card when Im around). We cant file a claim until it actually comes out ( debit card so our own money so it takes a lil bit for CC transactions to come out) so it will take a few weeks till we get that money back ( though hopefully cause we got it so quick it will be declined instead). 
So thank you pricks not only did you piss me off, you made my little boys cry ( part of that was thier pocket money) and that part makes me furious!!. 

PS should point out that ST George was fabulous, they dealt with mine and the others around us quickly and kindly. WELL DONE ST GEORGE.

pps did I mention before that I got woken up by a split lip ( thanks kook) , then after that I got to clean up cat vomit! Not even going to mention the fact we are STILL with out hot water. Sorry having a quick sook. 


Sweet Icing!

I cant help it, the nozzles were just sitting on the bench - not properly put away from the party ( yep Im a bad housewife - and I dont care ( really Mum, Im not. The house and the children are ALWAYS spotless!) So afternoon tea got some extra special attention!! 
PS the cake is strawberry and cream yoghurt cake.