Just Overheard

The sweet middle " Kook, Kookie come here, Ill give you a scooby snack"

This weekend

The Big gets a new ( well officially ) family member.  His Dad is getting married.  So Bec, congratulations, Im glad That I get to share the Big with such a wonderful amazing woman. Hope your Day is amazingly wonderful.


Snow balls in the heat

Remember this ?
 Well as I was making some more I thought Id try my hand at my first tutorial.
So on to  - Simple Easy Snow balls in the heat!

These are what you will need, I just used what I had on hand.
A million flat head pins 
Styrofoam ball 
Ribbon, enough to from a small loop 
Glue ( not totally necessary, I like the added protection), 
Felt, I just used some acrylic that we had lying around in the kids craft box
A pointy thing ( end of a pencil would work fine, I used my rub on tool)
Ok got all that together? Now to work

Make a hole in the ball with the pointy object of your choice, and then push the ends ribbon inside, forming a loop, making sure ends are tucked in. Inset a pin on either side at an angle into the hole. This is where I also squirted a touch of glue,just to be on the safe side.

Now the fun part, cut a million felt "circlish" shapes, mine are in no way uniform, but I swear it works!
Choose a place on the styrofoam ball, grab a pin, spear it through the felt and stab it in to the ball. 

And then a million times more, over lapping the circles as you go.

Until you get this! 
Hang on the tree and enjoy. 

Happy mail

Nothing like a pizza box full of prizes to perk you up in the morning (esp when you stayed up late knowing the full consequences of the morning!). Thank You Mad about scrappin.


What I sent

Well my christmas ornament swap arrived safely at Teresas house.
So now I can show you what I sent, (pretty average photos sorry, did not think to check them before I sent it off!). The bauble is needle felted ( over styrofoam to keep it nice and light for themail) in red,then I felted the angles ( 3 in total) and their lil hearts over the top, I finished it off with a slight wet felt just to double make sure everything was in place.  Off the bottom hangs a gold star.  I used lace as a hanging cord to match the card.


Linky Love

Could not go past this on The Scrap Farm Blog without sharing it. Such a beautiful mini Album. Read what she used to make it, Amazing!! 

Im a Loser.

Now no one feel sorry for me, its just the truth. Ask my hubby. Ask any one that has met me in RL ( Im sure my brother will very happily confirm this!).  Im a L-O-S-E-R, with capital L .

Ask me why I am home today.  Its kids gym day. Its pocket money day. I have books waiting for me at the library. 
Am I sick? nope, and (for once) all the kids are well as well.
Nope, Ive lost my keys ( AGAIN! sigh). So I cant go out because overtime working husband wont be home till late and Ill get locked out.... In the blistering heat...... with cranky babies. 
So Im home and the only good thing about that is that I got to get some things finished. 

I love this ball, I call it my snow ball. I got the idea lying in bed trying to get my mind to stop racing so I could sleep.  I think Ill do another one. Several more if I get the time.

Found and prepared a home for my mini wreath.

And finished my swap ( photo after she has recieved). So Teresa, Keep an eye out. Should go in the mail tomorrow ( providing Hubby can find my keys for me tonight).

Hmm the baby is still asleep, should dig out my sewing machine and finish off my softie, before I have helpers!


WIOIN Sketch

For November use the sketch and add mists.
I have used the mists on my hand cut vine, I had tried to use letters to do a stencil of the title, but it just looked really poxy in the space. 
I actually stuck pretty close to the sketch this month.  The WIOIN challenge blog can be found here.

Happy Mail

I love Happy mail. I received my swap from the lovely Teresa.
These photos do not do it justice, the cream has a very subtle swirl print on it. I cant wait to hang it on my tree for real ( Mean Hubby says no till December 1!).
Thank You So Much Teresa .
What am I sending her.......... 

Well that was a hint ( for those not in the know,those sharp pointy bits are used for needle felting, and giving your self RSI!)


Envelope fun

Whilst I am getting some of my lil metal signs ready to ship out for those of you that are waiting for them, thought I would share my favourite envelope material.  These ones are slightly puffy and not sitting quite as nicely as I would like because of a layer of bubble wrap I have added to the inside ( to protect from sharp lil corners). Just need to make my self up some nice labels now and ill be laughing ( I'll add it to my very long "I want to do list").

Ps I still have at least three more I can giveaway.  Email me ( button on the side)!



A little size comparison for you. My hands I have been told are on the dainty side ( dont know if this is true, but just letting you know they are not freakishly big or anything!)


Scrap Tuesday

On a wednesday. Its been a very long time since our last one due to everyone getting sick, and actually our third member is still out for the count ( blogless Cindy) , But I actually got stuff done today , some I cant show due to it being secret swap business. But I can show 2 lil bits I worked on.

First a really quick lay out Ive had in my head for a bit. I knew I wanted to keep it quiet simple and let the joke be the star of the page. This is Very very Sweet Middle. He has hit the age of becoming joke central.

This sweet lil wreath, I was hoping would fit in one of my mini boxes, but is slightly too big, so when I hit spotty tomorrow ( am I the only one that goes into shops, and can never quiet remember to get everything on my my list?!?) will see if I can get a slightly bigger one. Its a tiny cane ring, a lot of tiny cut out leaves, a couple of red sequins I had lying around, glue and a lot of fiddling!. 

Ps what is everyone reading, Im about to finish Time travelers wife and then I will be starving for a new novel. Will be hitting the library tomorrow ( haven't gone for nearly 2 weeks, Im suffering withdrawals here!) what should I look out for?

PPS I updated this post to give a quick walk through of what I did. Also, Daph said when she saw it, she didn't realize how small it was, it fits roughly the size of my palm.


Pink Fluffiness

I cant show you anything crafty, cause everything is sitting half done, some waiting other supplies, other waiting five spare minutes that are not taken by cleaning, sons, husbands, or sorting out mortgage refinancing ( YUCK!) But I do have these pink morsels of goodness to share. 
MY FIL asked me to do him some spicy hot nuts, which I gladly did, and with the nuts left over, I decided to make my BIl a treat for watching the horrible screaming Kook ( stranger danger screaming stage).  He loves sugared peanuts, and I gotta say even though mine were pink ( no red food colouring left), These tasted a lot better then the stale store brought ones!!
There will be more in my future, very hard not to eat these instead of giving them away!

Sarahs Sugared Peanuts
1/2 cup water
1 cup sugar 
roughly 2 cups peanuts ( I had less then this, still worked fine)

Preheat oven to 150. Dissolve the sugar into the water in a heavy pan, add colouring if desired and stir in peanuts. stir often until it chrysalises and the mixture starts to stick well to the nuts, Pour into a baking dish, and spread out, sprinkle with salt, bake for 20 minutes giving a stir occasionally, then allow to cool. As I had excess mixture I had to break mine up slightly. Then hide from yourself if you plan to give as gifts. 


On The Hunt

Im on the look out for some more busts like this one. She was just a simple paper mache one from spotty, but now they dont have any. I want to do a vintage one for my aunt. I was so well behaved when I went in there this morning. Only spent $12, because I avoided the fabric, trim buttons and yarn and stuck to the craft section only!  I did get another lil box to try another mini, like my Let it snow.
Not counting Coffee with Daph!