Serious Affliction

My (hottie) husband suffers from a serious affliction, its one I find that a lot of men my age are getting and one that even I, on the odd occasion ( like long car drives) suffer from.


Thankfully this condition is not fatal. Its just one we all have to learn to cope with. I have hope that one day a cure will be found for the millions of sufferers around the world.

Rod has had this affliction from years, you know when it is in full force as its almost always followed by groans ( and the occasional eye roll from younger members of the family). And as I mentioned, Even I occasionally suffer from it. And as I mentioned, usually on long car trips.

We might of went away for a short trip this weekend. And we might of suffered this on the way there and back....

The symptoms might have looked like this

First we lamented the fact we would not be driving through Berry, as it was a berry good town, but it was berry far away so we should berry much get the use out of saying Berry as it might be berry offended.

You can imagine the joy on my preteens face as we went through this.
And even more so when we went through this...

Then as we passed by Kanahooka ( choose appropriate answer here depending on the age of your occupants - I dont know can she? /depends on how much you pay her... boom tish! - [that was a drum and a cymbal bash just incase you dont speak boom tish!])

Thank fully mine is only temporary - Im normally very very very funny - just ask said preteen - I know that eye rolls from him to me are just a secret code for - Gosh mum you are really funny I cant wait to share that with my friends. I hope you say/do that when we are out in public next.

Ps he also uses that code when I sing and so does my husband - except my husband secretly hopes ill offer to join his band as the singer......

PPs - Why does a cowboy wear boots?

So he doesn't hurt his feet when he kicks the bucket - feel free to insert your secret code eye roll here


ACreativeDreamer said...

Do you know what the difference is between bird flu and swine flu?

For bird flu you have to have tweet-ment, however, for swine flu you have to get an oink-ment.

Can't take credit for it, one of the girls at work shared that one... but I've noticed all sorts of eye rolls every time I have passed it on.

Leanne J said...

OMG.. but you know what.. i love dad jokes.. seriously when i get started......well...

heres one for you..
whats the difference between an egg and a beetroot..

you can beat and egg but you cant beat a root...
happy days.

Kate said...