I have no idea how it happened all so quickly, but its here and tomorrow I will have a one year old baby girl . Thats crazy to me. 


Hello, Is it me you're looking for??

Oops I did it again.

Sorry am in random singing mode today.

I didn't scrap, I barely baked, no real crafting and I didn't read or blog.

I Dropped off the end of the world.

Something had to give so I could get my self together again.
I did what was needed
I grew my baby girl big ( one in three weeks!!!!) I grew my boys even bigger.
I nurtured my self through winter and the long repetitive months of frustrated baby and having no life.

Despite this, I managed to get published once or twice ( layouts from the last time I scrapped and blogged). 

And this month, I got a huge surprise. 

The cover. Thats my baby!
( no sir, I dont mean maybe)
I had no idea. 

I love him, He makes me smile. 
So im glad he has the chance to make others smile.

Ps sorry about any songs I may have unintentionally put in your head.

PPS if you didn't get any songs in your head
"This is the song that doesn't end, yes it goes on and on my friend....."

PPPS I had the full house theme song in my head the other day. I was going to put up a random facebook post about it, but then I realized a good chunk of the people on there are too young for Full house. And that makes me sad. 

PPPPs I borrowed a sooty dvd from the library for the school holidays was going to put a fb post about that. Same problem. I guess that just makes me old. 

PPPPPs we wont talk about my first grey hair I just found. Husband is not sympathetic — he has been grey since early 20's. Salt and pepper looks great on men - George anyone!!!
 Not the same on me. I dont have the class or classic beauty of Helen Mirren