Who is Sarah Lou

Sarah Latham - creative soul, mother, wife

addiction to chocolate and sweetened condensed milk. Citrus smells and vanilla scents make me Swoon. 

I'm a girl, I like cute things and a bit of sparkle as well. Though I'm not really a girls girl. I rarely wear jewelery ( though I guess that's more because a small child is normally trying to pull on it) and I only own a couple of pairs of shoes.
I love bright colours, oranges, pinks, greens.
Serious addiction to reading. I could live in the library if only they allowed food.
I love retro, vintage and things so ugly they are beautiful. 
I am a mumma of four - yep crazy and proud of it. Three of them are boys 13,8,4 and one little girl 17 months. My house is noisy, crazy, sometimes feral. Especially with a guitar playing husband.
One day I'd love a tree change. Hubby would love a sea change - we'll see what happens