I need these (another nothing to do with anything post)

As a mumma to three boys I think I need these in my life.

Oh my word. Who am I kidding???? I want these for my self. Hello Pink and orange sparkly ninjas, ohhhhhhhhh maybe with the odd sparkly lime green one!! If anyone sees these in Australia, please let me know!

Ps There might have been some impromptu dancing to Im too sexy by Right Said Fred in the middle of cleaning today by the sweet middle and myself — but there only might have been cause it might just be a bit too embarrassing.

PPs and if there was it is, NOT, because I own said song, it might have just been one of the miracles that occasionally appear like gem on vh1. Sort of like a cherry bit in the block of black forest chocolate.

PPPs if said dancing did happen it may have made me think about how the heck that made a one hit wonder ( the wonder part I understand, its the HIT that confuses me).

PPPPs oh my gosh he was a knob.

PPPPPS Im too sexy for this post.

PPPPPPs Im very sorry. I think I have a terminal bad joke disease. I caught it from my husband.


One has absolutely nothing to do with the other.

except that this was a gift to me

and that Christmas is about gifts.

Big W has ornaments for sale - already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yesterday when I sent off my first lo for publishing, I hit a halloween store and hit up a chrismas aisle all in one day and thats just wrong people!!!!!!

Ps I have hit the big time now people, remember how I told you how in Feb, so many people wanted to give me money all in that one special day?? Well finally some one has offered to enlarge my penis.

PPs I am slightly worried about what that sentence will do for google search but apparently people keep googling "Sarah Lou" boobs already so I guess it just makes my blog more rounded.


Scrap the boys

Kooky Bear was the obvious choice with so many nicknames, but I wrote about the one that stuck, which has progressed from Kooka belly - to Kook ( as he is mainly known, with the odd bear thrown in just fro fun) to kookinator, to skater, to skater pie to skate or to just pie on the occasion.

Ps He gets called pie for good reason - couldnt you just eat him all up!!!!!

PPs he is only so damn cute so he can get a way with being a lil devil! The same reason as his brothers. Damn them being so damn cute.

PPPs but then I guess they cant help it - its all in the genes. ( mothers side! - What???? You say they look just like their fathers?!?!? Spitting Image even????)

PPPPs I got brave and cut up some of my crate to do this - and it didnt kill me. Just.


Slice of Sunday

Dont know if you recognize these (I almost didn't), but these are legs. And this is what they look like when they dont have winter coverings on them.
They may be white and pasty, but they are out of the closet people. Legs are back.


And they have ZVA and yummy new chippie, oh and glorious stamps and Bo Bunny !


Summer loving.

Finally got off my lil ol bottom and got the sketch done at TSO. And i like it. very bright and bubbly for my normal style, but its that sweet lil cutie pie bubba. That got done last night, tonight while I had a fabulous lil lady in the house ( miss Phebs, Daphs sweet daughter - she tried to even out the abundance of boyness i have here ALL the time!) - she scrapped like a trouper I moved paper around. Someone stole my mojo.
Though I think my mojo is asking for a fabric hit. Hmm using a sewing machine on actual fabric - can barely remember what thats like. Skirt season coming up I think thats why.

Ps - ohh maybe THIS one

And THIS is why

It did give me a chance to have a bit of a memory road trip with some of my favourites from my child hood. When the big was born I went to great lengths to try and track down some of my favourite books from childhood.

We Help daddy.
This is a big memory of mine. I have hardly any from under 7 but this is as clear as day. I have not been able to find the matching We Help Mummy though :(

Good Night Little Bear - Used to love the fact he was on the daddies bears shoulders and they still couldn't find him.

Rainy Day Play Book.
I wanted to be these kids. And I set up pretend libraries just like them.

Muddleheaded Wombat
Dont really need to say anything here do i?? I so wanted his caravan.

Ps half an hour after I cleaned up all the books. I walked past his room. He had been extremly considerate and only pulled off half a shelf this time. Thank you Sweet Baby.



removed for publication.

So I tried to stretch my self a bit, and I'm just not that sure. Feels a bit, ummm, not right cant out my finger on it. Any help??? I was trying to stick to the BG range - Oliver that I won a while ago. With a touch of Websters and french ticket letters ( mumma gift!)
Im uploading it for Septembers TSO mystery challenge anyway. Which is actually a really easy one. Do a lo and submit it. Some of the chickadees and I had been talking about how we never get round to submitting so they are giving us a good swift kick up the butt. And for percentage off in the shop — i.e. more ZVA its to easy not too.

Ps - Tomorrow when the war began, not sure how Im feeling about that movie either. But loved my date with my horrid proteen, sushi and a movie we were in heaven!

PPs All that laundry I was doing. Well, I got 2 loads out and it rained. If you are in a drought stricken area my washing and I am for hire.

PPPs Speaking of Websters, I got a dodgy set of alphas a bit ago and so wrote a lil email of complaint, and I got a reply!! Was Not expecting that, said they would send a replacement. Also got a reply from trends about my Itop prize which has still not turned up, they are looking into it.

PPPPs see how cute he is even when he is screaming, looks like an angel so he can get away with being the devil, all my boys are like that.

Tomorrow when the laundry began

This is my aim today, in movie form. To take Josh to see it. I read the books as a teen and over the past 2 months, he has done so as well. All 5 of them and is about to finish the last book of the Ellie Chronicles, all three of them.

Now I know he must be mine.

We are readers, and if we had the choice Josh and I would live at the library. Of course we would have to live without the very cute baby, who likes shoving books under your nose, getting us to read one page and then running away to get another one. Or the sweet middle who thinks they are only good for stacking and building with ( Boy can that child build a town out of books, not sure if it could help him later in life but, really, I think he needs to put it in his resume). As for the rock god — well he can stay home with the lils, ( guitars and drums are far to noisy for the library) but as he is so good looking im sure we can work out time for conjugal visits.

But first Im procrastinating, I have a million clothes waiting to be washed, and a dishwasher to unstack, floors to vacuum and pavlovas to cook, all with a sweet lil helper.

Ps Pray that, that cute lil baby naps today, I want to attempt the September sketch at The Scrappers Outlet ( Im saving my fav the Chocoholics challenge to last as a reward). The only thing is Im not allowed to win no more.
To help feed my addiction to the really cute ZVA they stock.

How could I have gone for so long without knowing its existence??? I gotta say Im hurt you all kept this information to yourself!!!! Then again if I were not so damn slow in finding stuff I might not have shared either and kept all the goodness to my self!!!!
PPs Pray that that cute baby will nap just cause he is a cranky cute baby!!!!!!

PPPs ok im getting off my arse now, if I go missing, tell the police to check the laundry under the mountains of clothes. Now thats its warming up Im considering becoming a nudest, the only thing is I think Ive let my "prime nudest years" go by.

PPPPs I have no idea why my fonts are being poxy, Im sorry Ive had words with them but much like my three boys, they dont seem to want to listen.


Miss me??

The last three weeks have been really long. Anyone else thought that? The highlight for my family was prob when I lost my voice for a week, well I know the proteen loved it anyway!
Do you know how hard it is to sing off key really loudly with no voice?!?!?!?!?!!?!!? The world missed my greatness in singing for a whole week.
They had to turn to Celine Dion!!!
But as they were all stuffed up I bet we sounded exactly the same. After all its what all the poor sick lil and big guys want to hear right?!?

I have scrapped and I have been reading your blogs , but ive been a total slacker commenter and im sorry.

I have also found the greatest lil forum in the world, actually Ive been there a lil bit now. Im was a joiner before, id join and suss it out but hadn't really found anywhere that felt like home, forum wise. And the shop attached — oh ZVA my new greatest love ( sorry rock god!), and Peta is getting in new beautiful ZVA!!! Thats one dangerous thing to introduce me too!

And the great part — those silly/wonderful ladies were crazy enough to make me part of their Dt. I know they are nuts right!!! I mean the greatness they have chosen and me!

Ps. That photo, taken in public, yep I was rocking a balloon sausage dog turned into a hat (that unfortunately resembled something else) at my poor long suffering husbands gig. Im just that classy.

PPs ok I know I proclaimed it before, but this time im serious! Dont want to have to go kicking any butt!
I now proclaim no more sickness in 2010!!

PPPs did you guys know the other day it was national 90210 day??
Yep im full of the good information today. In America the date is written month first, so on the second of september 2010
I miss Donna and Kelly and those guys that were 30 playing a teenager part.
On the other hand now I have Glee - and Puck!!