Saturday night in winter

Spent in the best way possible.


With Beth.

With MnMs - cause we can't scrap without them, even if we need to fight hoards of children for them.

sequins, I hope they are here to stay

And for some reason, I gots my double on...
.. And I liked it.

When I started scrapping, all the rules had already been broken, and doubles had already seemed few and far between. I have only done a handful in the past 4 and a half years I have been scrapping. 
My favourite was one I received a HM for in masters comp a few years ago. 

My favourite until now.

I seemed to have gone very simple lately - Simple eclectic I call it. But normally I have a cluster or 2 somewhere. I didn't even realized it doesn't have my normal cluster on it until I was down loading my photos. This is far more simple then normal. Buts sometimes thats ok

My most favourite Thickers - a few years old now called Rainboots, I was hoarding the last few letters I had until Beth got a whole heap for me from a discount rack!

Now thats a true friend, adds to your scrap stash and shares MnMs with you..........

The wooden tags - laminate bench samples from Bunnings on the backside. 


A long time between ports

I haven't really shown my scrapping on here for quite a while, but there has been action behind the scenes.
Scrap camp even!!
And I even thought I might give masters another twirl. Though my calender weighs a ton, hate to think about about how much it's going to cost to post!!!

Random selection of layouts of late.
I even had a scrap date tonight - and wait for it.... I scrapped a double...........!! 
Thanks Beth for the date!!

 Just noticed these have sun reflections on them, I was planning on retaking these anyway. Im having a few issues with my camera. I think I need a new lens...
Anyone have a suggestion fro an allrounder lens on an Oly body?

One mans trash.....

I was taking photos of my layouts, when I realised that I hadn't shown my roadside treasure!
On a Betherday ( one a month Beth and I try and do something fun - that month was a big bush walk to see waterfalls)  we drove past a huge pile of council pickup joy.  - We love a good roadside pickup and we slowed down and were gobsmacked someone threw out this beauty!

There is a lil wear and tear on the bend of the seat, and there is talks about recovering it, but truthfully I love it just as it is for now.

And it makes the perfect entrance table.


the all boring claim post

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We aren't morning people

We struggle on weekday mornings.
Give us the weekend when we can wake at 9:30.
Weekdays are for the birds.

I dont expect anything of the kids in the mornings. I learnt quickly that if I want a smooth calm morning, there was no need to clutter it with unnecessary jobs  — for all of our sanity.

The alarm goes off at 8 ( 7 if you are the unlucky teenager) , we get up get dressed, eat some breaky and leave at 8:40. Somedays I hit the snooze button, so we do all that with just 10 minutes less.
The snooze button is for that Tyler child. It turns out I just gave birth to myself in male child form with that one.

No matter how early he goes to bed, mornings — well they just suck for him.

Everything about mornings is function only, which is why I often look like death warmed up walking the kids to school.

 But I still get people smiling at me as we walk by. Why.

Cause to quote Cooper "good boys gib their mums flowers for their hair, so they can be beautiful"

So this tired, no make up bad selfie photo is one of my favourites, cause my boy says im beautiful. Even if it is taken during the evil hour that starts with a 8.....


Sometimes you just need to run away.

My poor husband works hard.
At work, At home, At Teaching Guitar and Playing gigs
And for the most part he is easy going. Doesn't believe in getting angry, says it gets you no where.

So when the cranks start to eek into our life, and they are cranks that getting sent to his studio does not get rid of. I know its time.

We run away.

We are fortunate that his sister has a holiday house. No where fancy and the house is basic. But it's not home, and its near the beach and near a place that sells pizza bigger then my baby girl.

Once I finally persuaded him to take the week off, he started making plans.
He wanted to work on his deck — which worked for me, (I had my last barista class and I teach cake decorating on a Wednesday), but Thursday and Friday - clear and free.

And he knew how much I had been wanting to take the kids to Cockington Green. Plus in his mind, it was ONLY another 2 and a half hours to the snow and it was the start of Aussie snow season!

Cockington green was fabulous. I often struggle with finding things that will keep my range of ages happy ( I have one in every age gap at the moment, except baby), but this was a happy medium. There were things to find ( Jason is alive and well chasing people with his chainsaw still, and the grim reaper waiting for his next victims)

We did talk about doing the dinosaur museum which is next door but they had enough outside for the kids to see that kept everyone happy.

 And then the next drive. We made it to perisher just as the sun was fading and — the worst start to snow season ever. We found just enough snow to throw a snowball, at charlottes pass where the wind blew so hard it pulled the car seat lose when we opened the door. Thats just enough snow for us I think. No photos, it was quick, fast and furious out there!

Being a beach house — the next day there was no way we could leave without a walk to the beach. And maybe on the way to the beach I might of passed a couple of op shops......

So a walk to the beach it was — which is how my water addicted boy managed to throw snowballs and swim in the surf in less then 24 hours.........


I might just heart swaps

I must admit im more surprised then anyone.

But wait for it ................... Facebook has opened up my swapping world!

I know and I resisted joining for ages.

Im on a sewing page called sew from your stash ( aussie based) and they have a fairy godmother swap.
I.e. someone posts three things they would like — you say sure. Heck I can I can do that and then you list three things you would like while making theirs and sending it off.

I have been the luckiest recipient out of that swap ...… EVER

first Lara received a fabric dolls bed — complete with embroidered pillow and blanket

And I was in desperate need for a crochet roll, not only did I get one in one of my favourite colour combos but wait for it......… FILLED!!!!!

My latest swap was through the yarnbusters page on facebook ( seems to be predominantly US and Aussies).  A lovely lady had mentioned that she had been to a large US craft store to try and get a wooden hook to try — well I now had a spare in the size she needed, so a size 5-mm, in a sweet koala pouch with some lil bear scissors and some furry friends chocolates made their way over there and what I thought was going to be a couple o kool aid pouches made their way over to me.

Instead I received a BOUNTY of kool aid — in so many colours/flavours, in the sweetest little crochet purse ever. I cant wait to start dyeing some yarn with them ( all while keeping it away from the boys ho want to drink them!)

Between the swaps, postcrossing, and my creative penpal swap, my letterbox has officially been named most fun destination in NSW ( even if I am waiting for the electricity bill — anyone want to swap for that)?


decisions, decisions

Its a woman's right to change her mind,
Especially when it comes to her hair......

So the big question Blue roving?

Or blonde / brown bumpy yarn

Ps Girlfriends rock - thanks Beth


Slice of Sunday!

Its back baby!

We had family birthdays today 
So Meagan ( sister in law, not sister Megan) and Cath ( partner of Rods sister Cath) 

Happy Birthday!!

Ps - We also have 2 Joshuas - Meagans son ( birthday Megan) and mine.  I had Joshua before I met Rod, and Meagan had already had Joshua. 

PPs because similar names are not enough for this family - we also all have birthdays on top of each other

PPPs - I so totally chose that cider because of the label.  I wanted to try a different brand to what I normally drink, and my husband knowing my style pointed this out. 

A totally reasonable way to choose your drinks....

PPPPs - that brand was a bit to "beery" for my tastes.


Oppa Bushman style

There are not enough words for green to describe to australian bush. 
We went rain forrest style on Anzac Day
( why yes, I do mean the ANZAC day that was a month ago)
What better way to respect the fallen diggers then to enjoy what they helped keep safe

Ps i know its been a bit since Anzac day - but this post was brought to you by Rain lots of Rain, chilled noses and a cake running about - oh only 12 hours behind.  So this is my hot cuppa and make me smile post!!


But With the Cool Comes

Yarn Cravings!!!

Croheted Cowls

Home dyed Yarn

Scarves for swaps

Granny ripples

eye candy

And you cant do yummy magazines with out yummy tea!!
My current favourite as it tastes just as good cold as it does hot 
and as a mumma with four
psychic "mum wants to sit down with a cuppa" kids.........

Ps I was hoping to share this crochet doll Ive been working on but i cant decide on her hair, so she is a baldy while i make her her clothes and cute shoes!! And a girl just doesnt like to be seen while she is bald.....

Soaking up the last of the sun!!

Winter is my season - in my dreams. 

My dreams are filled with warm quilts, hot drinks, trashy telly, soups and good magazines. 

And while I do get these things ( in dribs and drabs) in reality my winter is 
Snotty noses, endless washing, and cranky kids stuck inside. 

So before it hits we are soaking up as much of the outside as we can.......
Walks in mumma made dresses and stockings!!!
Stockings are my favourite thing of dressing little girls.
Under everything!

Art with chalk.
Makes me smile every time I pass the driveway
And pure kid happiness for 40 cents - Bliss!

Our own Ancient ruins with rubble from our deck building

Walks by Nepean River

Eye candy filled street performers in the city

Oh PS - how the heck could I forget about Man Flu. We get a lot of Man flu here - over run by future men!!

PPs - smelly wet dog as well - thats always fun.