The Streets are Still

The streets are still,
My house is quiet
One lonely little boy is wiping away his tears
He does not like, he left his brother there.

Have a great first day back my darlings ( My Josh to high school)
Cant wait to hear all about your adventures.

Ps - its neary 10, surely thats long enough and I can go get them now? Right?!

PPs - was excited to surf across this year long free art journaling workshop. Though some of you might be as well.

PPPs - scrapping to come, I promise.


All the Tea in China

Somedays I want to create, be messy and just do.

Today I just want to make this lil girl chuckle.
She is developing her first chuckles and I can bearly drag my self away from her. I just keep doing incredibly silly things just to hear her.

Is there anything better then baby chuckles?

I love her more then all the tea in china
(And I also wanted an excuse to use this photo from the markets {Parklea of all markets as well! - heads up for the locals} this am, kicking my self for not going back like I planned to before I left. Im craving some tea now. I badly need a teapot...)

Ps - yep, you guessed it. I have developed the instgram love. Horrid husband made me give up my old sticky taped phone and get a "real phone [iphone 4s]". Im loving the camera but I miss the sticky tape. But on the other hand - I can now have apps. What do I need??

PPs - Did a google to see if I could get the Tea online and apparently they ( Green Valley Spices) are at Hay and Paddys markets as well as Bankstown and on line.

PPPs - what the buggery did we do before Google?!? And plus its just darn fun saying it.
Google, google, google!!

PPPPs - Im sorry, my mind wanders a lot, and sometimes I just have to take people along for the ride.

PPPPPs - you are all feeling very sorry for my family and friends right now aren't you........


A Revelation or Two

Today tv provided me with 2 new revelations.

One a new show called Hillbilly Handfishin - umm hello, crazy people!!!
Im sort of tempted to send Rod though as it looks kind of fun in a sick twisted way and really, my twinkie lil toes are far to precious and cute to use as bait, so ill just watch him from the bank. - Wait, are there alligators there?!?

Two - a few posts ago I made fun of my husband for his debilitating condition,

( ok slightly fun of my self as well, but as I also let you know about the teenage secret code that is eye rolling. So you know im really cool right?).

Well while watching the pilot of New Girl ( can I save love love love), I realized that I myself suffer from a debilitating condition

(As you can sufferers look totally normal....ish)

Shortly before watching said show I made some sweet crisps ( can I say love love love) and whipped some cream to go with it, which caused me to sing Ahh Ahhh whip it, Whip it real good. Loudly. Very Loudly. At the top of my voice Loudly.

My microphone

Watching the show, where she randomly sings, my husband gave me that look ( now I know it was just cause I was singing so awesomely). I thought oh heck, I sing a lot, at random times at random things, from random words to start me off and give myself awesome theme songs. So I self diagnosed....


I dont know if its something I can come back from, or if I even should try and cure myself, cause really I would be just denying the world of such beauty as my voice. But Im a sufferer. Its something that will probably effect me for the rest of my life. Im sure my friends will be glad that I am coming to terms with this and will show me love and support.

The thing is though, Im sure I ant be the only sufferer, right?!? Come on 'fess up!

Ps - The television did give me another gift today - Grease. Rod was horrified about how much I can quote it. Does he not understand that that sums up good times in my early teenage years with my girlfriends?!?

PPs - I really promise you that I am a terrific singer, that whole voted worst singer in my final year of high school ( unfortunate true story...) - total jealousy, and the reason Rod wont let me sing in his band - he just does not want to lose me to international stardom!

PPPs - Layout is one I did last night, with awesome wallpaper from the opp shop, that Scrapbooking Master Beth and I found yesterday on our jaunt. Isnt my sweet Ty utterly kissable!?

linking at get your craft on at Todays Creative Blog

Tutu much....

And since Im the mumma to a girl as well now ( still sometimes a bit shocked about that...)

I tried my hand at Scrap the girls - monocromatic - and since I dont normally go mono ( though I think I had it as a teenager.....) I thought id try my hand at a lil bit different of a style.

Ps - I have other non challenge scrapping to put up, but I can hear said lil girl giving her father what for so think I had better rescue him, my girl has a temper and a half!

PPs how the heck can she be three months old already?!?!


I cant believe January is almost over! Its gone past in a blur!
Holidays are almost over, Rod goes back tomorrow ( sob) and the boys back to school the week after that ( Josh to high school - sob sob).

My youngest nephew and my sons

January has been about family for us. We have used the month of his holidays ( the longest he has ever been off) to run off to my sister in laws holiday house, to go to Jamberoo water park and just small escapes to the local park , etc.

While Im not looking forward to any of them going back, Im looking forward to having more routine again, my days with less fighting, and a cleaner house ( and less fart and burp jokes!) Im also looking forward to having a bit more time to scrap and blog!

The layout is for scrap the boys - and pretty much sums up how we have spent our summer holidays - WET!!!!!!

Ps Im not sure how I feel about this one, and challenged my self to use only what was with in reach, and the background - a chux wipe - just so happened to be in reach!

PPs - was very excited to come back from our last mini break to find out that I had my first lol for the year picked up!! And to a mag I had not been pubb'd in before - creations - yay!

PPPs - How the heck did I get a HIGH SCHOOL aged child?!?!


Party from a 12 by 12

Thank for all of Coopers birthday wishes. He had a blast of a day.
The mini shoot I did with him - hilarious. Lots of millions of monster faces and lots of blurry photos from where I am laughing too much and he is moving too much!
Though I did get some sweet ones as well.

All week he had been carrying around a cake book from the library talking about his
"dinodoor birfday cake"

All of the items I used were from one 12 by 12 piece of paper ( My Minds Eye - Wheels - Micro dot in orange)

  1. I fit the party hat ( short of time, I found a free online template. I used clear bra elastic so I wouldn't have awful white lines )
  2. The party Blower ( I had seen a few instructions here and there and so I winged it - make sure that seal around the straw is tight!!!)
  3. The door garland ( winged it - a big 3, circle punch and some crepe paper roll)
  4. The above cake flag ( the negative from the 3 and some scalloped scissors - swinging it old style!)
  5. And an extra number three - that was loved to death the night before.
The hardest part of making all of this was that I couldn't move fast enough for the boy! To be fair though I dont think superman himself could have moved fast enough to match the excitement of that lil guy!

Ps The party hat seen some lovin by the time I took that photo. And also some throwing - the thing held up pretty good. 3 year old monsters are very fickle creatures!



It has been a big week this week

This sweet lil guy turned three.
Im happy and sad at the same time - my last little boy is no longer a baby!!!
But three year olds are lots of fun!

Even if they have to make faces at photo shoots!
( Actually thats one of my favourite things of him! He makes the best three year old monster faces ever!)

Happy birthday my sweet Cooper. I love you a million.


Serious Affliction

My (hottie) husband suffers from a serious affliction, its one I find that a lot of men my age are getting and one that even I, on the odd occasion ( like long car drives) suffer from.


Thankfully this condition is not fatal. Its just one we all have to learn to cope with. I have hope that one day a cure will be found for the millions of sufferers around the world.

Rod has had this affliction from years, you know when it is in full force as its almost always followed by groans ( and the occasional eye roll from younger members of the family). And as I mentioned, Even I occasionally suffer from it. And as I mentioned, usually on long car trips.

We might of went away for a short trip this weekend. And we might of suffered this on the way there and back....

The symptoms might have looked like this

First we lamented the fact we would not be driving through Berry, as it was a berry good town, but it was berry far away so we should berry much get the use out of saying Berry as it might be berry offended.

You can imagine the joy on my preteens face as we went through this.
And even more so when we went through this...

Then as we passed by Kanahooka ( choose appropriate answer here depending on the age of your occupants - I dont know can she? /depends on how much you pay her... boom tish! - [that was a drum and a cymbal bash just incase you dont speak boom tish!])

Thank fully mine is only temporary - Im normally very very very funny - just ask said preteen - I know that eye rolls from him to me are just a secret code for - Gosh mum you are really funny I cant wait to share that with my friends. I hope you say/do that when we are out in public next.

Ps he also uses that code when I sing and so does my husband - except my husband secretly hopes ill offer to join his band as the singer......

PPs - Why does a cowboy wear boots?

So he doesn't hurt his feet when he kicks the bucket - feel free to insert your secret code eye roll here


Sharing is caring

My husband has a sacred spot — his studio ( originally our garage) and this has been his own space to get away from us all ( actually when he is in a foul mood I order him in there to play his guitar [ the other woman in our marriage] he comes out the other end much nicer!).
And just because he is the best guy in the world, he knew how much a lack of permanent space was bugging me ( I think part of the reason for my move away from craft last year) he gave me a section of his sacred space!!!!!!

And it's working!! I have been in and out of there can leave part finished projects etc, its just perfect — plus I get an added guitar music background, by a really hunky guitarist.

I love it. And I have been playing to my hearts content.

out for publication


Ps - I was not compensated for this post, God provided him and I have given a review based on my own experiences.

PPs - see total hottie.

PPPs cant believe I just wrote the word hottie. I am sorry english language, I momentarily forgot I was not a 13 year old girl.=( Do thirteen year olds even still say it) , but you know its not my first time.


Happy new year.

(excuse the bird flipping - Lara 6 weeks old)

I still cant believe it is 2012, um excuse me but where is my flying car and instant people importer?!?!!?

(Cooper - boxing day - with really annoying singing dancing elf hat)

Not that I can drive a flying car and but if that instant people importer does not come soon I will actually have to learn to bloomin drive.... But its beside the point!! According to movies like back to the future number 611 ( and if you dont believe me just wait a week or 2 Im sure channel 10 will have it on ... again) I was meant to have these things, and Im feeling slightly ripped off.

(Tyler - new years eve)

But if it means I get a happy healthy ( and I pray it stays that way) family and good friends and great food im a happy girl - esp when it contains great food. mmmmm food............

(Josh - practicing his used car salesman stance - 16 Dec - ready for his formal,
Photos of this kid are scarce - he hides when the camera is out - plus with the 50-50 split with his dad - what he does not know is this year IM making it my goal to get lots of photos of him.....
Well he is almost 13 anyway - he is due to be really annoyed by me..........)

Im not doing resolutions I cant say that I ever have really, but Im going to give 101 in 1001 a try. The link is a link to my half finished list. Is it cheating to make finish the list as one, cause I have!

Ps Just cause I could - the photos sprinkled through are some of my fav photos of the kids from the year - and all have happened within the last month or so.........
(and for good measure one of me - not my fav but I dont have many to choose from !!)

PPs for the first time really in a year or so there has been actual scrapping by me, I know bloomin shocking right!!!