Onions make you cry. We all know that right? I certainly thought I did. So why when my inner Martha Stewart popped into my head for a chat, and my 2 personalities thought it would be a good idea to try french onion soup, did it not click that it would involve 2kgs of onions to be peeled and sliced. 

I cried

I cried

and I cried some more. 

That silly candle trick - complete and utter fodder, running under cold water, worked a lil, sunglasses worked a tiny bit as well. I persevered and its bubbling away. My inner Martha is happy. 

My inner photographer and I would love to show you a picture, but she and the USB cord are having a fight an are not communicating well, so instead I dragged up an old picture of my Favourite thing to drink. 


I really wish I had one now!

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so it begins

I have three boys. THREE, I dont think I ever expected that of my life. They have made it loud, crazy, unpredictable, funny, loving, messy, forgiving and  simply just amazing. I could not do with out them ( though some days a few less fart jokes would be great!)