Gots my dollies on

Did you guys see that last elements challenge on the dollies blog ,
  • Baby Blue
  • Ink and lost of it
  • Masking
  • Paper with words
  • Stripes
That recipe scared the heck out of me. But I felt up to a challenge and this is what came out. It actually sort of came together quiet easily.

The ink is used to build the square - which is actually masking as well, Though I have also masked with a ruler and a paint brush for really subtle stripes under the square and a doily as well. Paper with words, I used the back cover of some of my music — perfectly aged and stripy doos on the heart and I dont know if you can see some very faintly on the background.

But my favourite part is some labels that had fallen off my grandmothers cottons reels. Swoon makes me happy.

Ps I noticed how its almost August today and was thinking about how much had already gone on this year, when I realized, I have only locked my keys in the house 6 times so far this year. I deserve an award!!!!! thats a good record for me!

PPs im being paged but ill be back with more goodies from oppies!!!


Scrap Tuesday that wasnt.

The poor rotten Big chose today to be unwell, so no official Scrap Tuesday again for me. So I had a mini Scrap Tuesday in the 5 min nap I got out of the Kook.

I used the rolled flower that Beth made and I managed to mangle ( just a lil bit though) I am still a total rolled rose flunkee ( She hung her head in shame). Ill pick up a big scarlett letter to pin on my self from spotty soon, F for flunkee.

The card is for the challenge at The Scrappers Outlet forum. And it had to have a Rolled Rose.

Ps Have a sweet tooth attack coming up, what should I bake this week????
Pss Ive gotten a couple of awards over the last few weeks, I havent forgotten I promise!! Thank you all! A post coming soon.


Ok, Much better right

I just knew I didn't feel right about it. A lot happier now.
Ahhh antique music paper, is there anything you cant fix?!?

Ps - Im not sure how I conned her, but thank you Betharoo for helping me weed!!!!!

PPs - While Im at it, Thank you Beth for making me a rolled rose.

PPPS - Ok so they seem simple, but Yes I suck at rolled roses — no Im not entirely sure how its possible either.


Chocoholics Challenge

Mmmmmmm , dont ya love the name of this challenge! This is a challenge from a wonderful new Forum Ive found at The Scrappers Outlet.

Chocolate, Yellow and White. Not sure how I feel about it though.

The white around the edge of the paper is one of my new water soluble wax crayons I got from the art shop last week. Been playing with my arty stuff again, considering entering something in the local council open art exhibition. Not really sure though, have not come up with anything im happy with.

Ps now I feel like chocolate - and Ive been so good lately.
PPS hot Chocolates dont count do they??
PPPS - been thinking of having a lil button and ribbon swap, any takers??

Slice of Sunday

Today was a beautiful nothing much Sunday.
A bit of groceries for the week, hot chips for lunch, playing with the dog, watching an impromptu game of football breakout, Shawshank Redemption, finishing touches on a layout, Scrabble with the boys, hot chocolate and the paper.

Just perfect.
No expectations, no comitments - just my boys and I.

And just cause - Treats from the week.

The action shot

I missed Scrap Tuesday last week, but I didnt miss Market Wednesday ( Though we all missed Lace Guy - come back Lace Guy!!) - followed by oppies and I made it to a couple on Thurs as well!

Ps - This week we are aiming for Vinatge in the lower mountains I think. Beth has super Google Powers!

PPS - Lace Guy - definition - Guy at Penrith Markets, who sells Lace - lots of it and cheap! Though he has not been there last 2 weeks. Normally next to the scrapbooking stall.

PPPS I admit it my taste in telly is pure trash, but life is too short for non trashy telly!! hmm I guess it should be the other way around.... Nah.


I was going to play

Catch up and read some of the delicious posts that I had missed this week playing endless games of express monopoly and post some bits on pieces I had been working on, but then I saw something monumentous.

So please excuse me while I get my flannie jammies, hot water bottle and my youth on.

Ps - Foxtel, sometimes I love you.
PPs - I dont even care how lame I must be being - Its Zack and Kelly people!!
PPPs - You know you guys do as well. I have hot chocolate and room on the couch.
Oh PPPPs - just incase you are still in two minds about it. Im just about to pull more cinnamon scrolls out of the oven


Slice of school holidays

Ps how can it be over already???
Come Tuesday, no more 9:30 wake ups. The Kook and I have just perfected that.


Slice of Sunday

And Im Back. And I only froze a lil bit. And I had a Blast.


Mysterious goings on.

What Im loving about school holidays
  • Long walks to the library with the boys, feeling the winter sun warm our backs.
  • Stopping for Hot Chocolate breaks.
  • Sleeping in till 9, snuggled up to the kook. 
  • Snuggling on the couch watching DVDs ( We just watched Tin Man last night, just wonderful).
  • Lego towns popping up all over my house.
  • Crafting with my sweet middle, he crafts, I scrap.
  • Taking bad photos of said layouts....... ( with help from lil guys who want to pay with mummas camera)
Layout for the Dollies elements challenge. Well, it wasn't at first it was a few papers I was playing around with, when I had a surf for inspiration, and saw the challenge, to take inspiration from a song ( post 1990).  And then it just sort of came together. Since I already had that song in my head anyway. 

The light blue letters are flocked. Have I mentioned just how much Im in love with anything flocked? No?? Well, I am. Add some bookmarks, from notebook magazine, some scrap Tulle, and some of my own flowers.  

This morning a big ol pizza box, chock full of goodies box arrived on my doorstep. With no card attached.........…

And I was afraid to touch it incase it was a big mistake, but Ive just got an email from Sarah ( nope not myself) but fabulous blogger Sarah, and it's a prize from a RAK I won at her blog
Oh my word, thank you so much!!

Ok Im to check out the box properly now I know its not just a dream/mistake, and then pack for the dreaded cold. 
Hun I love you, and Im excited to be going away with you even if Ill just be watching you from afar, And I know this pub adores you cause you are one of the few bands that will travel out that way. But Im going to freeze my socks off. So you owe me mister!!!

Ps Just incase A big mystery box o' goodness was not enough surprise for my Friday - I found a porno in the Teletubbies Dvd I hired for Kook. It seems those lil monkeys get around!!!

PPs what Im not loving about school holidays - MMMMMMMuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

PPPs - speaking of songs in heads, am I really the only one who does not care if Shorty is a eeny meeny miny mo lover?????



Time - This afternoon, 
Situation : Serious Scrap Fail.

Ok Well I drooled over Mels dt work for Artastic, and thought that I might actually finally give it ago.
So we had to use the painting for inspiration, and the three "diva demands" were
  1. Playing Cards
  2. Shades of Brown
  3. Feather
 And It had it all. Until I looked at it and it sucked. Big time. Stank the whole room up. 
So I got my scissors ( actually I lie, mine were in the dining room, and its all the way down the hall so I was using green alligator safety scissors) and cut it up.  And then re did it all. And this time — well the shades of brown are more like, well, hints of shades of brown.

Playing Cards

Feather ( the flame of the candle)

And if you look really closely you can see behind the title and the Cooper bunting, you can see some of the original brown ( RIP pink paislee, I promise you did not die in vain)

I love some elements of this layout, just not as a whole. Though I think with a bit more reworking it may work. But I have had enough of this layout for one day. I thinks its the journaling block....... thats bugging me the most at the moment. hmm maybe some strip journaling......, hmm maybe some..........

ok I fixed it - new photo tomorrow.

Ps 2 posts and another layout only made possible with thanks to my beautiful Boys who played happily with their friend and my wonderful kook, Mum would like to thank you for your extra long nap today! 

Scrap the boys

Im so happy the Scrap the Boys challenge is back. This months challenge is called Just the Facts

Perfect for this layout of the Big. I got him to write on the pull out tag ( after some sooking) just a lil about himself.
Hoping to get one done for my Sweet Middle as well. 

And just cause they is purdy, Some of my new flowers, Im having fun working out which material works best and the different "sweet spots" they have, plus a couple of new techniques.

Ps First day of school holidays, and first friend over. Bring it on baby!!!! ( Dont worry Daph, it's going well! Enjoy tonight, see you tomorrow!)
PPs The bathroom message for tomorrow is " Shake it baby!" 
PPPs but I have a problem, I have not been able to find these again. If anyone sees these please let me know. I know them as bath crayons or soap crayons. 


Slice of Sunday


With just a hint of Saturday. 
These buttons, oh my stars these buttons. We chanced upon a tiny market at the local pcyc yesterday and everyone of us found some goodness. Aside from the heavenly produce we brought, my treasure was these buttons. She had a whole box full of mixed goodness and I was so well behaved!!! There was no way I could pass up these glass buttons though, oh and the orange, and those dainty lil pearl, oh and those lil starry flower ones.. Oh my word.  But ill be back next month, Hmm, wonder how much for the whole huge box??

And why the heck not, Just a hint of whats making the Rockgod and I smile this week.

Bath Crayons. 
We have taken to leaving messages for each other on the shower walls. I believe the one he has waiting for him tomorrow morning says something to this effect,  

" I still love you even though you are so so not funny, but please never ever ever make up shortcuts again"

It's a fun way of making him smile at 4 am in the morning. A lil nonsense always starts the day right.


Just A couple

of older layouts I dont think Id taken photos of.

Ps - why does my poor middle think its a good idea to start the holidays with the runs?
Poor baby.

PPS - im freezing my butt off here, and if I cant cope here, how will I cope on the weekend when im going along with the rock gods band to the middle of nowhere - where it might snow?!?