Nothing exciting

Just catch up on layouts.

Slice of Sunday

Im back from the dead, and actually able to sit up for more then a few seconds at a time!!! I swear it must have been a man flu — cause I was a DYING!!!!! and really anything less then that I have no idea what they are sooking about, just get up and build a ridge already husbands of the world!!!

Anyway - even though it's not the best view — my backyard when its filled with sweet lil munchkins I love it anyway. And it was filled with even more munchkins later on when Beth's kids joined the fun!

Ps ive missed all the fun the last 2 weeks, whats the goss???????? There has to be an internet drama somewhere. Hmmm maybe I should check 2 peas or essential baby.............

PPs if you are wondering ( like I was) why the heck the stripes in the grass??? Well, there really is no decent answer from the rockgod for their existence!

PPPs - Man Flu is really great for catching up on old episodes of mediums and having nanna naps though!!!


Three Words

He shared it.

Ps I wish I was a man so I could lay and die in peace. You know without any responsibility when you are sick except for loudly proclaiming every 5 mins on how you are dying.................


really late Slice of Sunday

Ps yep i know it Tuesday

PPs Ill be back later for catch up, but basically it involved a hot clingy sooky sick lil koala named Kook.

PPPS yay for no vomit in my bed this time!!!!!!!!


Sweetness in a winterised world

I think this is one of my favourite photos. Not technically anywhere near the best but it was a quick grab the camera moment and shoot and cross your fingers!!! And I love it. A sweet moment between my 2 littlest boys.

This was a grab what I can reach layout, using what ever let overs I could find after finishing all of the final little masters touches on Tuesday ( thanks for all the good lucks!!, Beth and I drove them in today. ).

And I just realised it fits the Scrap the Boys requirements for this month!!

Ps I was going to write about how Ive been a bit blue lately, feeling very "winterised" for lack of a better word, how I was ready for spring and to crawl out of my winterness. But as I got half way through this post Spicks and Specks started and I dont feel so winterised after that.

PPS but then I watched TMZ ( which I had taped earlier) and saw something about a nest full of insect eggs that had been found in some ex reality televisions stars leg and now Im just grossed out.

PPPs - you really cant be shocked That I watch TMZ after I posted about Zack and Kelly right.

Oh and PPPPS - I lost my keys and had to go out without them today. For only the 7th time so far this year.

PPPPPS I have no idea why keys are just not on my radar either.

PPPPPPs did you see how many ps's I got in there????? Just to make up for the fact that I hadnt used many while I was feeling winterised

PPPPPPPS thanks guys for hanging in there. Love you all!!!



Super simple is the only way to go. Esp with THIS sketch! over at The Scrappers Outlet.
So thats what I did.

Though I worked on other stuff as well today — finished every single fiddly bit of my masters! Wish me luck. I dont think I have a hope in hell, but I had fun any way. Esp with my OTP. Cant wait to share that with you.



Today was mainly about this

Fun huh??

But it picked up with the arrival of this!

Isnt it Purdy!!!!


Look Out

Im on the roads!!

Scared??? You should be!!

Im doing a photography challenge over at The Scrappers Outlet. Come over and Play!!

Ps edit - then he made me drive at night and it was sprinkling!!!!!


Slice of Sunday

Best Sunday ever, sleep in, sunday drive, newspaper, nanna nap, old episodes of press gang, scrapping, a redo on my wooden bowl finds, blocks and cars.

I think Im in love. I think my husband should be scared.
Is it wrong to be in love with a chocolate bar, and if it is do I care. I practically danced a happy dance right in the middle of woolies!!!!
This is right up there with the jelly belly flops!!!!