Saturday night in winter

Spent in the best way possible.


With Beth.

With MnMs - cause we can't scrap without them, even if we need to fight hoards of children for them.

sequins, I hope they are here to stay

And for some reason, I gots my double on...
.. And I liked it.

When I started scrapping, all the rules had already been broken, and doubles had already seemed few and far between. I have only done a handful in the past 4 and a half years I have been scrapping. 
My favourite was one I received a HM for in masters comp a few years ago. 

My favourite until now.

I seemed to have gone very simple lately - Simple eclectic I call it. But normally I have a cluster or 2 somewhere. I didn't even realized it doesn't have my normal cluster on it until I was down loading my photos. This is far more simple then normal. Buts sometimes thats ok

My most favourite Thickers - a few years old now called Rainboots, I was hoarding the last few letters I had until Beth got a whole heap for me from a discount rack!

Now thats a true friend, adds to your scrap stash and shares MnMs with you..........

The wooden tags - laminate bench samples from Bunnings on the backside. 


A long time between ports

I haven't really shown my scrapping on here for quite a while, but there has been action behind the scenes.
Scrap camp even!!
And I even thought I might give masters another twirl. Though my calender weighs a ton, hate to think about about how much it's going to cost to post!!!

Random selection of layouts of late.
I even had a scrap date tonight - and wait for it.... I scrapped a double...........!! 
Thanks Beth for the date!!

 Just noticed these have sun reflections on them, I was planning on retaking these anyway. Im having a few issues with my camera. I think I need a new lens...
Anyone have a suggestion fro an allrounder lens on an Oly body?

One mans trash.....

I was taking photos of my layouts, when I realised that I hadn't shown my roadside treasure!
On a Betherday ( one a month Beth and I try and do something fun - that month was a big bush walk to see waterfalls)  we drove past a huge pile of council pickup joy.  - We love a good roadside pickup and we slowed down and were gobsmacked someone threw out this beauty!

There is a lil wear and tear on the bend of the seat, and there is talks about recovering it, but truthfully I love it just as it is for now.

And it makes the perfect entrance table.