pretty, pretty, shiny, shiny

Met up with Miss Beth this morning for Coffee. 

The thing with coffee is, its right next door to Spotty.................

I was very well behaved at Spotty, just the above pretties for some more flowers. Kept me occupied for most of the afternoon, or at least the part of the afternoon I was able to convince to Kook to play guitar/drums/random noise with Dad, and then when that lost its shine ( or Dad got sick of Kook playing with his settings) to go and annoy his brothers ( again lots of random noise!). Having fun working out exactly which plastic material is the best and the best way to cut them etc. 

Ok enough of this pointless post ( Sorry guys, Im a football widow tonight ), Im off to play with Dollies colour combo - Grey and Yellow, my favourite combo of late.

Ps Im worried its not really the fact that the flowers look so great, but that Im addicted to melting stuff in candles. Hey where are the marshmallows?????

PPs for those scratching their head over the title - My gym partners a monkey,
and for those unfortunate to know the show - sorry if the theme song is now running through your head. 
cause Lyons my last name
My Gym partners a monkey, monkey monkey

PPPs - See why the rockgod does not let me sing in his band


Lorna May said...

What gorgeous colours. I'm jealous but can't wait to see what you create with them : )

Anthea said...

Hey, thanks for popping by my blog and leaving some love =) I had a scroll down and love those flowers, their awesome!!

aussiescrapper said...

Ooh pretty fabrics and just had a laugh at the ways we get our kids to let us do some crafty shopping, all seems to involve noise, and think Rod has it worked out, leave the singing to him. lol xxxxx