Captains log

The prompt  - Multi layered, The photographer - slightly loopy. The time - 5 mins of peace after running ridiculously late to drop the big 'uns off to school.

To be honest the first thing I thought of was Shrek.  

So I put it in my maybe list. Onions that is, Ogres are a bit hard to find ( not that time of the month yet).  Then I thought and decided a self portrait. Im multi layered, most layers are slightly leaning to the, well, lets say eccentric side, but I have layers.

A Sarah Lou is like an onion.........

Sorry anyway.....
Miss Beth and I decided to hit the markets in search of Martha Stewart punches, and I knew there would be not enough time to pull back the couch ( to get to the good light) and fart arse around with the self timer, but wanted to play anyway, so looked around and spotted my art book, and a few other bits ( knitting needle, scisor, ribbon and my fav writting pen). What the beep, a quick still life. Snapped a few shots until my chariot arrived. 
After the markets turned into Lunch and turned into Fred the Needle ( thank you for the kids corner!!!!) and turned into racing to the school to get poor long suffering childrens. 
When poor long suffering childrens and I got out of the blistering freakin cold wind(!!!!!!!!) in to my nice snug, gas heated house.  I looked in my room and thought. 

Circular Saw.

Yep no lie. Thats what I thought. So thats what I did. Of course I didn't do it till, I had rung Rod and asked him where it was and if it needed charging. Oh and I had promised not to do anything till he got home.  

I didn't wait
Remember the no patience thing.......

We have a tiny master, well not tiny but with badly placed built ins and windows, and I have our big old front door for my desk. Well, it aint quiet as big now, but now its in front of the window which is where I wanted it all along. And since I was power tooling and rearranging why  not do a major clean out???? 
Currently, its in the "has to get worse before it can get better" stage, but poor rock god husband needed to go to bed. 

So anyway ( 6 and a half years later, Ill get to the bloomin point) cause I felt the need for power I didn't get to do my self portrait, So for your viewing pleasure, a still lifeish picture of multi layered.
Stuff I can do. Or Darn tooting im talented!

Ps Mum, is the Darn tooting better then the Dudes??


Lou and Mel said...

Shrek was my first thought too and apparently quite a few others!

Love it!

Mandy said...

lol...sarah...we could have met today...was 2 seconds from going into fred today...had to get some stuff for a piece i have to do....tooth made my drive right past it..i am an angry elf at the moment...i don't do tooth pain very well at all!!!xxx

Maegan Beishline said...

Great representation!

Wendy said...

I thought of onions, and I didn't even see Shrek.

And, darn tooting is better than the Dudes!

Fiona said...

I thought of Shrek too!

aussiescrapper said...

OMG I watched Shrek today,,,,,lol this is freaky, wow you are an incredible artist and your mind...well now only to be inside it for just a minute dear friend. lol Love you, Melxx