Sex and picnics

Last weekend started and ended with me in the exact same seats of the exact same session of the exact same movie. A movie about friends. 

Today was Scrap Tuesday, now the name may be slightly misleading. Some times we do and sometimes we don't, but its really about friends, and today was no different. Today our friend Cindy joined us. The first time back since the sudden death of her mother. So we did what every good friend does, drank hot chocolate, ate Tim Tams, laughed and talked about scrapping cozies for the special battery operated friends in your life. As you do. 

We had missed Cindy.

Today was also Day 2 of boot camp, and let me tell you it was no bloomin picnic ( the prompt) !!!!! My photographic time was short and well I just had a stinker of a day ( photog wise). I don't know if I like at all what we got but it really goes with the journaling we had for that day

"Journal Prompt:

Do you shy away from calling yourself an artist? If so, what do you think makes someone else an artist and not you? What are some ways that you can start today to outwardly reflect your inner artist? Name three people who you would be comfortable sharing your creative work and projects with. "

 Today I was not an artist. Today I tried and learnt though.  And that's a darn tooting start. 

Ps, Daph we also missed you. Come back soon.

PPs very surprisingly Sex and the city 2 was better the second time around ( well couldn't get much worse!!) I guess cause I had no expectations of it being good, so I could enjoy it for what it was.  

PPPs I have no idea why Im darn tooting. Its my inner yokel. My you might be a redneck if.....


Leanne said...

well thats a darn tootin wonderful photo you have there darl..

PS.. you passed the darn tootin on..

PPS.. thanks for you wonderful comments on my blog

PPPS.. i'm so happy your doin the boot camp... keep going..

Mandy said...

ol...love your posts girl...that photo is sublime!!!xxx

Keshka said...

Love the quote--what a cool post! And thanks for the sweet comment on my blog!

Roxanne said...

I really really love the first photo. The detail is amazing in the dandilions and the lace.
I'm inspired to check out the boot camp!

daph-a-dills said...

sounds like your having much more fun without me....fred the needle hey...one day i will make it...and guess im going to markets alone now...LOL ;-P
Glad your blogging is back on!