And Ivory was her name.

The journaling - a letter to ourselves, the prompt - Ivory.  The Brain - stretched. The fingers —trigger happy!

Ok so these are my 2 fav ivory photos. Far from my original idea, I wanted the smooth creaminess of the Kooks cheek with a hint of eyelashes. So I patiently waited till he was napping, had purposefully let him fall near the lounge window and quietly yelled Yippee and got my camera.

Dudes - issue, red, angry, bumpy, teething cheek rash.

 Far from his beautiful creamy ivory skin, but it's ok I had a back up ( The beauty of being in Australia doing a US based class, we live in the future over here. I read and journaled last night, and got to ponder into the weeeeeeeee hours of the night, and it still was Sunday over there when I woke up this morning!)

Think Ivory, think wedding. So I got out my dress and wedding pic, hmmm needed a lil somethin' somethin'. So I got out my pearls, and then I got some of my crystal and went from there.

PS these are almost just Sooc - I transfered the jpegs to see which raws I wanted to upload, but then my battery died and well you know I have NO patience, so just the basics jack. 

PPS Im off to do my day 2 journaling, you are all boot camping as well right?????

PPPS - ill leave the teeny giveaway open till next week, dont forget to enter - no requirements except a comment needed!

PPPPS Does it mean I am old if I have pearls and crystal???????????????????????????? 


krissilugbill said...

Pearls and crystals are fabulous and can be enjoyed at any age! :) Love your picture and take on ivory. your blog is delightful as well! hope you are enjoying day two

aussiescrapper said...

Wow this sounds like it has got the cogs turning my girl, I love your adorable pearls, had to laugh at the comment about the pearls and crystal, I don't have pearls but do have a crystal duchess set, hang on, I think just saying duchess means I am old, damm I thought I was doing well, enjoying your boot camp thinking. Melxx Gatta love living in the future hey.....