Last (wo)man standing.......

I dont wanna play no more!!

We seem to have a special game 'round here on long weekends. I like to call it last (wo)man standing.  I win it a lot. 
Its starts either really early in the morning or last thing at night. This time round it started at 6 on Thursday morning. It starts with that special cough. 
That one that can bolt a mother upright in bed, no matter how sound asleep she was. The one where you listen for the inevitable. You all know whats coming Im sure. 

Vomit, multiple vomits. 

Fun. Lots o' fun.

And then it becomes a competition to see how many can get taken down at once. Especially when you only have one bucket. 

Im winning so far this long weekend.  My prize???? I get to clean up all the near misses. Ewwwwww.

So ill keep this short and simple. 

Heavy Metal. 
Im married to a rock god,  But he is a rock god that does not like to have his photo taken. Especially when his wife suggests we go to this really cool looking fence down the road.  Why not the garage, he cries???
Hello evil fluro tube lighting and evil mismatched carpet walls. Yeah, umm Nice.
So here is the Rock Gods fav picture of his guitar and his sexy leather jacket.

I struggled with this one a bit, until that is I went to get the washing off the line ( God, I hate any chores that involve washing clothes, esp. the folding and putting away), so while procrastinating ( throwing ball around for Dog) I noticed the weeds growing through this rusted drum that has been sitting there waiting patiently to become my herb garden. Perfect. Thank you weeds!!

I had been wanting to try one of these shots for ages. So when Daph wanted to steal Kook for a photo shoot at Nurragingy Reserve to test out her little Red wagon, I jumped at the chance knowing that the waterfall there would fit the bill perfectly. And it did, except I forgot to add time for the power of a cranky tantrum throwing clinging to mum superpower of a 1 and a half year old. So just as I worked it out, I had to quit. My poor boy ( it wasn't long till he joined in the afore mentioned game, oh I could have used that for fluid — ewww chunky fluid). So anyway fluid

Ps Ive so had enough of the game right now!!!
PPs The masters double is kicking my arse!! I hate doubles!!
PPPs still a couple of days left to enter my mystery giveaway.
PPPPs Im hoping to get my arse into gear and photograph and post, the letters Ive done in my art journal of late, tomorrow, so kick my butt if I dont!!!!!!


daph-a-dills said...

Your pics are FAB!!! Mine came out shocking....one ok one of Coop and one ok one of Phebz...oh wells...LOVE ya pics!

Ruth said...

It doesn't seem that long ago you guys were all throwing up.....thats winter for ya!! I had my fair share again and again and again......yuck!!

Such great photos, I usually end up with a childs hand on the lens once they start getting bored with mummy taking photos!

Hope you guys all get better asap.

Felicity said...

Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog. Hope everyone is feeling better soon at your house. I love seeing all of the photos you are taking for the challenge. Makes me want to dust off my the old Cannon.

Wendy said...

And this too, shall end - the vomit will stop, and everyone will stand again. Lovely photos in the midst of calamity.

Lorna May said...

Poor you :(
You wonder how small bodies hold so much vomit LOL
Poor little lad in top photo, you can tell what day he's having by looking at him, I just want to scoop him up and give him huggle LOL : )

Sendin get well wishes to you all and hope you keep standing.

aussiescrapper said...

Oh thank goodness Nate and I cannot be blamed for spreading the sickness, (you cannot catch this virus thru the computer can you?) I am just thinking about the cleaning x 3 you have, but as one blogger said, it won't be long and all will be standing again, gee this boot camp has been super interesting to watch, I just love your photos, especially the gorgeous one while sitting throwing the ball for the dog (how ironic that your inspiration for the photo came whilst sitting and relaxing) we just don't do that enought hey. so looking forward to seeing more. By the way, I am so rooting for you in the Masters, I cannot wait to see what you do, if you want to share send me an email. Go my girl, just use that incredible artistic mind of yours. You can do anything. Love Melxx Hope all is better in your house soon.

Mara... said...

What wonderful photos Sarah!! That very first one is priceless, I had to laugh!

Melonie said...

OH no! I hope everyone feels better super quick! Great pictures:)

mustangkayla said...

Oh yikes! I hope everyone is feeling much better now! Great pics!

Tanya Tahir said...

love your photos Sarah!!

kathie said...

Hope you're all over the bugs by now! I love the way you write your blog :). And good luck with your Masters entry. the doubles were always the ones that I struggled with too.