Sleeping beauty

I woke up and it was friday today - big damn deal you say? Well, yeah, thats what follows Thursday??
Not for me. This time anyway.

When I went to bed it was Tuesday afternoon. 

I played the game.
 And I lost, big time.

I was terrified of playing the game. I was terrified of having my healed perforated esophagus open up again. No more hospital!! Thankfully it stayed shut. And Today I feel like my normal self again ( sorry to those close to me......)!
So I celebrated being well, Scraploot. 50% off a lot of things. The best way to celebrate ( esp. When that morning a package had arrived from Little Scrapbook Shop!, and I was finally well enough to open my What is Old is New Again  June Vintage kit that had arrived on Wed ( where do you guys shop online??)).
So anyway a million years ago when I last posted I said I would up date what Ive been up to, so here are a few layouts that Ive been working on, some from quiet a bit ago ( retreat and beyond). 

My I entry from my art journal

Ill be back with my catch up on my Boot Camp tomorrow, tonight, I, the band widow that I am, have a date with some little boys for Sandlot Marathon. Ill catch up on my blog reading tomorrow night ( nrl season....).   

Ps See those alphas up the top? The Heidi Grace ones?? Im on the search for more. And so far its fruitless. They are my go to, In fact I have used them a couple of times on the stuff above. They alter wonderfully well. 

PPs winner of my mini Giveaway was 

aussiescrapper said...

I wonder if the green was the colour least liked!!!!!!!!


teresa said...

Love your layouts Sarah... You do awesome stuff. Nice to hear from you.. I have been worried xx

Lorna May said...

Oh no it got you!!!
Glad you on the up again : )
Great layouts, your distressed photos edges are really cool.
Also love your journal entry.
I am not brave enough to try a journal...one day...maybe!
Off to check out blog mentioned (I love blog hopping it's my nosy side :)

mustangkayla said...

Yikes....take care of you!

I think I might just have those alphas! I'm stuck on Thickers.

Mandy said...

love the pages...xxx

Ruth said...

Hi Sarah Lou, thanks for your lovely comment.
I have quite a few of those red flowers if you would like some. I bought a whole red velvet sparkle hydrangea head from a wholesalers at christmas and there are stacks of flowers on it.

Just e-mail me your addy and I'll pop a little envelope in the post for you..cos thats what us scrappers do!!
Ruth xxx

Sherrie said...

Hi Sarah Lou,
I love all your LO's. The one of you and the family is really cute. Your journal page for "I" is cool. I have posted my "G" and "F" pages if you want to take a look. Have a great day!

My Journal

Tanya Tahir said...

wow, I hope you are ok! Congrats to Mel too for winning :)

Oh and gorgeous layouts of course!!!

Mel said...

Hope you are feeling better super quick!! Love your scrappies!

Taryn said...

Wow. Hope you are feeling better now! Great to see you post all the fab work you've been busy with.

Sarah Webb said...

Take good care of yourself (health care professional wagging finger here ;)! Love that art journal! Such a fun idea. I may lift that 'incubator' thought! TFS.

Marelize said...

Love your layouts Sarah! Glad to hear you are feeling better now. Take care. :)

Wendy said...

Hey Sarah nice to see you back! and so glad that you are feeling better now too!! There is some great work here ... love your journal! BTW thanks so much for the blog love and comments I have now fixed up the font so easier to read on blogger reader! Wx

Chloe :-) said...

Loving your scrapping style Sarah. Take care of yourself :-)