Im a Loser.

Now no one feel sorry for me, its just the truth. Ask my hubby. Ask any one that has met me in RL ( Im sure my brother will very happily confirm this!).  Im a L-O-S-E-R, with capital L .

Ask me why I am home today.  Its kids gym day. Its pocket money day. I have books waiting for me at the library. 
Am I sick? nope, and (for once) all the kids are well as well.
Nope, Ive lost my keys ( AGAIN! sigh). So I cant go out because overtime working husband wont be home till late and Ill get locked out.... In the blistering heat...... with cranky babies. 
So Im home and the only good thing about that is that I got to get some things finished. 

I love this ball, I call it my snow ball. I got the idea lying in bed trying to get my mind to stop racing so I could sleep.  I think Ill do another one. Several more if I get the time.

Found and prepared a home for my mini wreath.

And finished my swap ( photo after she has recieved). So Teresa, Keep an eye out. Should go in the mail tomorrow ( providing Hubby can find my keys for me tonight).

Hmm the baby is still asleep, should dig out my sewing machine and finish off my softie, before I have helpers!


Ann-Marie said...

Oh no!!! But you know what? I can sympathise, I am a loser too hahaha - though it's been a while so le's hope I don't jinx myself now! Love the white ball for the tree ... are they felt circles?

Mandy said...

oh no...what a good day to be stuck tho...way too hot outside today...love your little ball and wreath.....take care...xxx

Anonymous said...

Oh I wanna be more of a loser if I can create an awesome snowball like yours!!!! Its great. Oh and I know what you mean about trying to sleep and stopping your mind from racing - I ended up getting up at 2am this morning and starting a layout ... just to take my mind off all the c**p spinning around in my head LOL