A to Z

Ok, Im off holiday mode and back on the horse!
 I wanted to start with a goal of mine this year.
I was having a search around, for year long challenges ( Thanks Teresa for putting the idea in my head!!) and seeing what was out there last week, before I went to bed.
Now I dont fall asleep easy at the best of times, and my head was having a think, when I realised - there are 26 fortnights in the year right ( I hope, let me go check... ok Im good) and there are 26 letters in the alphabet!! Coincidence - yeah, probably, but Im running with it any way! 
That sent my little mind a buzz. I had been wanting to try a more arty type journal challenge and so have set my self a goal, ( any any one who wants to join in!!).

Each fortnight, a letter, and a page about me having to do with that letter. 
I decided to destroy a readers digest book and use that as my base so got my stapler out and organised it into 26 rough sections and have stapled away. 
So with out further adieu

The Letter A! 
Always Dreaming.
 Im using it as a try things, free flowing, trial and error, Anything goes journal. Might even learn a thing about my self and who I am behind the wife hood and motherhood, and all the other hoods I am.
I hoping to start showing these every second friday. 
A letter a fortnight, I can do that!


teresa said...

This is awesome Sarah!!! Love what you've done already. I love this sort of thing. I hope to join you... I can't believe how much I've commited myself to already this year, but I just love this idea.

KarenB said...

Hey Sarah Lou, thanks for popping in at my blog :) Love the art journal idea, yours is looking fabulous already!

mustangkayla said...

What a great idea! Love what I'm seeing!

Shell said...

This Looks fabulous. Thanks for the lovely comment on my latest LO too. accidentally hit reject instead of publish. DOH! but it was the sweetest thing you said. THANK YOU. X

Heather said...

Very creative! I'm going to try and join you...this is great! Looking forward to seeing the rest!

Mandy said...

hey sarah...great idea...have plenty of those books...lol....i would be worried about a few letters...lol...but not z.....never get enough sleep...lol...gorgeous and different...love it...!!!xxx

Heather said...

I started mine last night! I got a good amount finished, but i have to finish some up before I take the pictures. I'll be sure to share on my blog...thanks again for the great idea/challenge!

Linda said...

Wow, your journal looks fantastic - what a great idea to use an old book as the base....love it!

Shell said...

Hi again
Well you have inspired me to start my own journal. So Thank you. Ive been meaning to forever but your post gave me the kick in the pants I needed to start. Ive linked your blog on my post hope that's OK.
Happy journaling. x

Daph said...

Love it...well done....I had at the end of last yr thought of something similar using photography, having stolen a few ideas from another few blogs LOL!
This is awesome i can not wait to see more!

Jessica said...

this is so beautiful...i love this challenge. i am not disciplined enough to do a journal but possibly a layout or two...

kate said...

this is brilliant sarah!

Leah the Orange said...

i am EXCITED to watch you do this throughout the year! i'm expanding my horizons considerably this year, so you will likely see loads of artsy pages from my journal, too. :)


Jenny said...

How totally neat is this? I am doing something similar but not so artsy...just more general...called Alphabe-Thursday.

I was really excited to find this! We are on the letter "G", though!

And it is just anything they want to post that ties to that letter...somehow...someway!