Slice of Sunday

From the most perfect Valentines Day,
Coming up now
  •  Dinner
  •  then cuddly telly with my man
  •  some boys bedtime reading
  •  followed by some belated catching up on my wonderful amazing bloggy friends,
  •  A new book to devour, The Young Widow's Book of Home Imrovement.

Thank you my Amazing Men for a fabulous perfect day, and esp to my Rod who knows that the library is the perfect place to take me ( I may, just slightly now, have an addiction here - Ok! So I have a twice a week habit, I could stop any time I wanted! Truely)!!
Ok so I may do a little bit of sap every now and again ( along with some craziness!)!


Mandy said...

love your scrunched heart...gld your day was fabulous...xxx

daph-a-dills said...

I wanted to see that movie...we NEED to go see her other one!!
And i have seen that book, let me know if any good LOL

Glad you had a nice day!!!

aussiescrapper said...

Wow sounds like the perfect day my girl, and a great night in store, I have "Little people" on here, so my man has a full belly and watching his fav ddd (that's what he calls them" have a fantastic night and a little bit of sap doesn't hurt?????

Tanya Tahir said...

Loved that scrunched up heart!! Happy Valentines!! :D

Mara... said...

What a cute photo!! Glad to hear you had a great Valentine's day. We spent part of the afternoon at the book store (my son had a gift card to spend) and it was delightful!!

Fran Tynan said...

What a cute Valentine's day! And I LOVE your card in the last post - absolutely love that - might have to steal that 'sentiment' sometime!

Fran xx