12 ruddy gigabytes we have gone through! So now we are on slow power till Monday. I dont know how we used to do it ( in my old package I had 2, we spent most of the month on slow power). I tell you there will be far less of the boys catching up on Pokemon and Suite life on Deck on youtube this coming month!!
On a Scrap Tuesday post, a few down, I gave you that sneak, 
Now for the full effect. 

Yep, he too, seems to be a football loving kid as well. Im doomed to bad sports telly for ever and ever! I mean, they could at least go for a team that wins occasionally! And the season is about to start again! AGHHH!
I cant tell you how much fun I have had, playing with the Dollies, and being a guest Dolly. ( I like to imagine Im Doctor Barbie — well at least Doctor Barbie, until my sister cut of all her beautiful blonde hair and gave her underarm hair — plus in another unmentionable place... ) 
You could be a Design Dolly as well. They are having a Dolly call

Ps I seem to have lost my photo taking of layouts ability! — Any extra special tips I should know?


Leah the Orange said...

i absolutely LOVE this page - all those funnerwool elements, and that strip of corky YUM!!

and i'd be sad too, if i had a football kid. ;)

seriously, Sarah, it's been flippin' fabulous having you as our Guest Dollie! i knew you'd wow us, and wow you did! xo

mustangkayla said...

Adorable layout! I too have lost all my photo taking abilities!

aussiescrapper said...

Gorgeous layout, Doctor Barbie, and I will pop over and check out this Design Dollies site, yes I am pretty sure you are doomed to be watching sport with all the boys in your house, you didn't mention what football, Rugby League???? or aerial ping pong???lol

Mara... said...

beautiful page! I love how you clustered the 3 photos together, great design. I'm going to check out that Design Dollies site!

Ann-Marie said...

Ooh love the grungy look to this LO and the stitching is awesome. What a cutie!!