A to Z, come and C

It is Friday ( ok so its extremely early early friday, but it's my mans Birthday and esp. as he is running off to a gig at Lyndhurst for the weekend, the day is for and about him!) and its art journal A to Z challenge Friday!

So C I actually had quiet a few usable words for this, and this is what I chose - Create. It's a simple word but it's really not just a word, it's a need in me. So it was perfect for this, Create felt like a very light and playful page.

 I played with what ever bits I had at hand. the yellow is crochet done in a beautiful yellow linen I had. some stamped acetate ( the C tag is an off cut of one of these) 

and a tag I had made earlier that as waiting for a home. very minimal paint this week


mustangkayla said...

Wowza...Very cool!

Tyggereye said...

This is very cool! I love the create on there.