Its a Special Day

Its the birthday of THE best mumma in the world. 
Happy Birthday to my Mumma, who not only gets to live in France, but gets to visit places like Budapest and Switzerland, and this weekend herself and her equally amazing partner, Pip, get to spend a long weekend in Rome. They are the 2 luckiest women in the World (plus she has me for a daughter!)!
I cant wait to see you both soon. I miss you guys lots!
PS my mother is also an Amazing Artist. Check her out.
PPS Happy Birthday also to Daphnes mumma.
PPPS For the first time in over a month I HAVE HOT WATER!!!!!!!! Sorry for yelling just slightly overexcited 'bout that.
PPPPS cause I know you all wanna know. Yes the repair guy was quite cute. 


Wendy said...

Happy Birthday to your mumma Sarah! Cute cake! :)

mustangkayla said...

Happy Birthday to your Mumma!

You crack me up! Glad the repair man was eye candy!

aussiescrapper said...

Happy birthday to your lovely mum Sarah, yes she certainly is lucky 1 for being in Rome this weekend and 2nd for having such a wonderful daughter, I am so glad you have hot water, just in time for the cooler weather and how come all the cute guys go on calls to the married ones, I only get old cronies.....

daph-a-dills said...

LOL at your post....you have the best mumma, i have the um,...we wont go there bahahaha...thanks for her wishes though :)
YAY on the hot water,and the hot guy!!!

Mara... said...

Happy birthday to your mom!! Your cake is too cute, I love that strawberry!!