Scrap Tuesday

So how was your Scrap Tuesday ? Got your links ready for Mr Linky? 

Mine was slightly hyperactive, Im still in that mood actually (Sorry long suffering husband!!), too much triple chocolate cheesecake
We were one down this week, which the only good part of that is more M 'n Ms for us! Cindy (blogless) we missed you!
I did a bit of fart arseing around today. Got very messy with PVA and paint. I had a few things in my head I wanted to try. One of which Im still working on, the other ( a background cardstock) I trailed in potato stamp form. Its over a servietted, painted background.  Not sure, every time I look at it I think of Greece. Is that just my strange brain?

Though I can show you what I was working on Last Scrap Tuesday! It was my last GDT work for the Dollies ( sob! ). Their wonderful Orange, brown and neutral challenge has just been posted. 

I used a paper mache carry case, and covered the bottom half in a hessian shopping bag from Coles. I though that was a lil plain so just free cut a basic stencil to add a lil somethin' somethin'.

 The top I dived into a wonderful gift from the amazing Teresa, these Vintage Home journals. Which are a crack up to read! Though have me slightly concerned that my knees may be to fat — thankfully their advice column has helped me in that area. No more unsightly knees for me.

A few finishing Touches and Wallah. I really enjoyed making this one. 

So what have you done lately?? Add the blog link to your creations and link on up. Mr Linky is hungry and needs links!
speaking of Mr linky, Ive linked my case up to Get Your Craft On

Sugar rush has died and Im to buggered to even go watch my Big Love or Greys Anatomy ( thank IQ foxtel for allowing me such joy even when Im out at family dinners!)  So Im off to bed, I'll catch up on all of you tomorrow! Nighty Night Dont let the bed bugs bite.

Ps If you make said cheesecake go with the reviews and use slightly less gelatin — the cake is well worth its slight fiddleness!
PPs Dont forget the fabulous Dollies are having a Dollie call!


teresa said...

OMG I LOVE what you did with those journals. It looks amazing. You are so clever. Love love love it. The stencil idea was great and the flowers finish it off! Makes me want to have a go at something like this too.

teresa said...

PS knew you'd do something totally amazing with them!

Wendy said...

Sarah! I finally found your blog (no link on your follower icon!) I have been having a look around and there are lots of lovely things here, the depression piece is really cool, love how messy and relative to the subject it is! This altered carry case is really neat and I love your homemade background paper! Good old potato stamps .. impressive! Also thank you for the lovely comments you have been leaving on my blog ... I really appreciate it and love to read what you have to say .. thanks so much .... have added your blog to my list now :) :)

Vel said...

I saw your project on Design Dollies yesterday and fell in love with it! Super, super work and detail.

mustangkayla said...

Wowza....yowza...girl, you ROCK! Your talent runs deep! INCREDIBLE work!

Laura said...

OK, I have to say it...It's Greek to me!

Alright seriously, it does remind me of something Greek too, and that was just running through my head. I had to let it out.

Beautiful work, as usual. I love your little case. Really nice!

aussiescrapper said...

Wow Sarah, you make some incredible pieces my girl, that beautiful hession case.....fabulous, that potato stamped background is just amazing, I love it, you are soooo talented and I love everything you create, oh to get 1/2 an hour in that mind of yours. Love Melxxx

Ann-Marie said...

Phwoar!! That was SO totally worth the wait to see .. just GORGEOUS!!!

As for Scrap Tuesday I am soooo stooopid!! I scraped a page on Monday for Scrap Tuesday pfftt!!! Yeah well I DID scrap yesterday too so I will add those to my blog after I take my baby to Kinder then I will feed Mr Linky!!! :)

p.s Triple Chocolate Cheesecake!! Ummmaaaaa!!!

daph-a-dills said...

LOVED seeing the case finished, and that pic of your "greek" as you call it paper, does not do it justice...its soooo funky IRL!

Julie said...

Love your hession case Sarah..love the vintage-ness of it!

Thanks for visiting my blog too!

Leah the Orange said...

and it's flippin' AMAZING. egads, bestill my beating heart! you scrappy, crafty mama!

we are DEVASTATED that this is IT for your month already! you have been an absolute TREAT, my dear! xo

Stacy Cohen said...

GORGEOUS!! I love all the vintage-y goodness!

Teri said...

Oh my gosh, this case it stunning!! Love it! What a beautiful combo of textures, colours, and vintage/new materials. It's phenomenal!!

Meg said...

This is AWESOME!