Mysterious goings on.

What Im loving about school holidays
  • Long walks to the library with the boys, feeling the winter sun warm our backs.
  • Stopping for Hot Chocolate breaks.
  • Sleeping in till 9, snuggled up to the kook. 
  • Snuggling on the couch watching DVDs ( We just watched Tin Man last night, just wonderful).
  • Lego towns popping up all over my house.
  • Crafting with my sweet middle, he crafts, I scrap.
  • Taking bad photos of said layouts....... ( with help from lil guys who want to pay with mummas camera)
Layout for the Dollies elements challenge. Well, it wasn't at first it was a few papers I was playing around with, when I had a surf for inspiration, and saw the challenge, to take inspiration from a song ( post 1990).  And then it just sort of came together. Since I already had that song in my head anyway. 

The light blue letters are flocked. Have I mentioned just how much Im in love with anything flocked? No?? Well, I am. Add some bookmarks, from notebook magazine, some scrap Tulle, and some of my own flowers.  

This morning a big ol pizza box, chock full of goodies box arrived on my doorstep. With no card attached.........…

And I was afraid to touch it incase it was a big mistake, but Ive just got an email from Sarah ( nope not myself) but fabulous blogger Sarah, and it's a prize from a RAK I won at her blog
Oh my word, thank you so much!!

Ok Im to check out the box properly now I know its not just a dream/mistake, and then pack for the dreaded cold. 
Hun I love you, and Im excited to be going away with you even if Ill just be watching you from afar, And I know this pub adores you cause you are one of the few bands that will travel out that way. But Im going to freeze my socks off. So you owe me mister!!!

Ps Just incase A big mystery box o' goodness was not enough surprise for my Friday - I found a porno in the Teletubbies Dvd I hired for Kook. It seems those lil monkeys get around!!!

PPs what Im not loving about school holidays - MMMMMMMuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

PPPs - speaking of songs in heads, am I really the only one who does not care if Shorty is a eeny meeny miny mo lover?????


teresa said...

OMG I had that same song in my head at work last night... and all the way home... and then in bed.... Have fun on the trip and pack some warm stuff. Love what you won too... so much yummy goodness xx

Kate said...

lol @ the porno LOL im cracking up haha. yay for the parcel!! sounds like your boys are good on the school holidays :) cant wait for the day when my girls can cooperate!! xox
p.s. love the page going to do the fab dd challenge too!

glorygirl said...

Well, you lucky girl, soon you'll be getting another faboo scrap package from me :-) Love the colors you chose to use on the layout and that photo is just so sweet!!!! Have a great weekend!

- Julie

Penny said...

LOVE your "Amazed" page girly! (And gee thanks for getting that tune in my head now....)
Glad you played with us at Dollies. xxx

aussiescrapper said...

Wow well how interesting has your day been, I am so excited you won that great box of gorgeous things, and I just love the gorgeous layout you did, I so love your gorgeous flowers but decided that I am going to try my hand at them tomorrow..will let you know how I go, and yes you are owed big time, you don't mention the place you are going to but sounds a little desolate and I think he will so appreciate you going with him. I love the photo of the both of you too and I love the look of flock too, do you know exactly how to apply it or can you send me to any sites that show you. I have flock but not sure with how you apply it, in saying that do you have to go over it with a heat gun? gee I need a tute. Enjoy your night, your dvd lol, and hope your not too cold. Melxx

Cathy said...

What a beautiful page Sarah, that colour combo is fab. I may have to get out my flock, I haven't used it in a while as I have been addicted to glimmermist and paint. I just purchased some diamond dust and used it today on my LO. You lucky girl, those goodies look yummy!! :)

Leanne said...

PpPpS.... oh nice layout. and woot woot about the boxx of goodies.. had a friend say i'm going to send some stuff up to you coz i'm not going to ever get to use it..and OMG it was about 3 pizza boxes worth of pp.. wowzers i thought now when i say i'm goin to send someone some stuff its usually a large envelope of randomness and now this..how will i ever look at my little treats for others in the same light.. anyho..thanks for your lovin..have a super roky weekend.. talk soon.. SUgar BAby...

PpPpPs.. i hope i ps'd right then..lol.

Lorna May said...

Love the layout. With you on anything flocked, have you used flocking powder...from now on will be buying things pre flocked LOL
We have to wait for our big hols :(2 more weeks :)
Don't think we will be hiring DVDs LOL that would be too many questions from a 10 year old!! especially if he opened it first! LOL
Have fun playing with your new stash...
ps we don't mention "shorty" by name in our house (think the son is bit jealous that his female friends like him so much).

Jingle said...

Your layout is fantastic! And what a fun box of goodies! Enjoy all of that great stuff!

mustangkayla said...

OMGOsh about the DVD! Love your layout! What yummy RAK you got!

Sherrie said...

Hi Sarah,
Beautiful LO! Congrats on the winning of all those goodies. Have a great day!

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Mara... said...

Beautiful layout Sarah! And i'm cracking up about the porno right now, LOL!!!

Taryn said...

Your layout is totally gorgeous! Loving your flowers.... I'm with you on school holidays.. up until about 2 days ago, that is. NOW I'm ready for school to go back!

Dana Tatar {datatar} said...

GORGEOUS page! I LOVE the blue and orange color combo! Great song too! Thanks for playing along with the Dollies!

KarenB said...

Hey Sarah, LOVE your page!! I love flocked things too but they have to be pre-flocked (is that a word?) I tried the flocking powder stuff several times with totally disastrous results, LOL. Your flowers rock, and I love the touches of tulle too :) Love your song choice (Amazing...) and I too could live without Eeny Meeny... ugggh.

Tanya Tahir said...

Great post! Love your page and lol about the porno!!! And the song bleh. Hear ya on that one!

mel said...

love the Layout and that song - it was the one I walked down the aisle to (shame he hasn't stuck around) still love the song though - too funny about the porno - thanks for popping by my blog and leaving some love,mwah Melxx

Leah the Orange said...

1 - ALWAYS a pleasure when you visit, dahlink!
2 - that's a fabby page, indeed. i'm with you on the flocking, and your homemade flowers are perfect!
3 - what a NIFTY box of goodies! have fun with that!
4 - so happy you played along with the Dollies again! xo