Slice of Sunday


With just a hint of Saturday. 
These buttons, oh my stars these buttons. We chanced upon a tiny market at the local pcyc yesterday and everyone of us found some goodness. Aside from the heavenly produce we brought, my treasure was these buttons. She had a whole box full of mixed goodness and I was so well behaved!!! There was no way I could pass up these glass buttons though, oh and the orange, and those dainty lil pearl, oh and those lil starry flower ones.. Oh my word.  But ill be back next month, Hmm, wonder how much for the whole huge box??

And why the heck not, Just a hint of whats making the Rockgod and I smile this week.

Bath Crayons. 
We have taken to leaving messages for each other on the shower walls. I believe the one he has waiting for him tomorrow morning says something to this effect,  

" I still love you even though you are so so not funny, but please never ever ever make up shortcuts again"

It's a fun way of making him smile at 4 am in the morning. A lil nonsense always starts the day right.


aussiescrapper said...

Oh wow what a fantastic find my girl, how divine are those gorgeous glass ones, I love the markets and this is just brilliant when you come across these beauties. and wow wow bathroom crayons, now that is amazing, are they actually for kids or are they from a you know bigger person shop, I think this is an awesome idea leaving messages to brighten each other's days. You are such an amazingly creative person, so glad to know you dear friend. Melxxx

I would love to hear your rock god sing, andI think the kids would have a ball together. Never know may get down there one day. Let's see what you do with those buttons.

Lorna May said...

Love this colourful post and the buttons....What a find.
LOVE the cool idea of bath crayons for leaving notes in the shower :)

Buttons by Lou Lou said...

Gorgeous photos and I love the buttons. Looks like you had a lovely day. Lou.

Leanne said...

hey.. i got up this morn an took some pics of the ice everywhere and thought i should do a slice of sunday just like Sarah.. and that was as far as i got.....LOL..but on the other hand.. i have risen to your challenge of a school page of me..you know where to go to have a look see.. anyho onto this post...super crayons.. how fun.. and love the buttons and your other awesomenss pics....
super happy day to you... lots of love an sugar leanne

~amy~ said...

love the pics...and the bath crayon story...I gotta try that:) but being the craft geek that I am...I absolutely gasp'd when I saw your new loot'ola...those buttons are pure perfection..

Mara... said...

those buttons are lovely!!! I see how you could not pass them up!

Sherrie said...

Hi Sarah,
I love buttons. I have quite a collection of them. My mom's buttons and my Great Aunt's buttons. I have them all displayed on a shelf in blue mason jars. How about a one one one flower swap? Let me know, OK. Send me an email, it's on my sidebar. Have a great day!


mustangkayla said...

What a neat idea (with the shower crayons)! I must have bought the wrong ones as the ones I let my kiddos play with wouldn't come off all the way! Those buttons are DELICIOUS!

Kate said...

i want some bath crayons!! no doubt id be the one stuck cleaning it though LOL