Slice of Sunday

Today was a beautiful nothing much Sunday.
A bit of groceries for the week, hot chips for lunch, playing with the dog, watching an impromptu game of football breakout, Shawshank Redemption, finishing touches on a layout, Scrabble with the boys, hot chocolate and the paper.

Just perfect.
No expectations, no comitments - just my boys and I.

And just cause - Treats from the week.

The action shot

I missed Scrap Tuesday last week, but I didnt miss Market Wednesday ( Though we all missed Lace Guy - come back Lace Guy!!) - followed by oppies and I made it to a couple on Thurs as well!

Ps - This week we are aiming for Vinatge in the lower mountains I think. Beth has super Google Powers!

PPS - Lace Guy - definition - Guy at Penrith Markets, who sells Lace - lots of it and cheap! Though he has not been there last 2 weeks. Normally next to the scrapbooking stall.

PPPS I admit it my taste in telly is pure trash, but life is too short for non trashy telly!! hmm I guess it should be the other way around.... Nah.


Lorna May said...

Love your treats, The yellow button holder is great. I want one!!!
A great helper there, bet that kept him busy for a while and interested enough to put his car down:)

KarenB said...

Totally in love with that yellow spice jar holder thingie... it's perfect!