Time - This afternoon, 
Situation : Serious Scrap Fail.

Ok Well I drooled over Mels dt work for Artastic, and thought that I might actually finally give it ago.
So we had to use the painting for inspiration, and the three "diva demands" were
  1. Playing Cards
  2. Shades of Brown
  3. Feather
 And It had it all. Until I looked at it and it sucked. Big time. Stank the whole room up. 
So I got my scissors ( actually I lie, mine were in the dining room, and its all the way down the hall so I was using green alligator safety scissors) and cut it up.  And then re did it all. And this time — well the shades of brown are more like, well, hints of shades of brown.

Playing Cards

Feather ( the flame of the candle)

And if you look really closely you can see behind the title and the Cooper bunting, you can see some of the original brown ( RIP pink paislee, I promise you did not die in vain)

I love some elements of this layout, just not as a whole. Though I think with a bit more reworking it may work. But I have had enough of this layout for one day. I thinks its the journaling block....... thats bugging me the most at the moment. hmm maybe some strip journaling......, hmm maybe some..........

ok I fixed it - new photo tomorrow.

Ps 2 posts and another layout only made possible with thanks to my beautiful Boys who played happily with their friend and my wonderful kook, Mum would like to thank you for your extra long nap today! 


Kate said...

oh no! you arent on the bunting bandwagon too are you??!! LOL
i really love this page, you are super clever with the elements :D

Sarah Lou said...

Lol, yeah, thought id give em a whirl. Love em on other peoples dont know how I feel about em on mine.

Shazza said...

Hey Sarah!

You did well with your entry at ARTastic, its turned out great :)

If you get more scrapping time try FS2S = http://screen2scrap.blogspot.com/
challenge this month!

thanks for joining in

Mel said...

Adorable LO! Love the monkey cake:)

Leanne said...

cute cake.. and cant wait to see the fixed one coz this is cool.. LOVE what you did with the cards and the feather.. i would NEver have thought of that.. oh and left alittle something for you on my blog..
happy days

mustangkayla said...

What a cute layout! YEAH for long naps!

Cathy said...

Absolutely loving this so far, can't wait to see finished page!!

aussiescrapper said...

Well I love love the layout, I only wish you had taken a shot of the other "stinky" layout, lol, I bet we would all say it was super gorgeous, remember others always do that, I actually wasn't going to submit my layout that you have so kindly told me inspired you, it was almost destined for the same place as your Pink Paislee, weird hey, had a chuckle about not wanting to walk down the hall to get the proper scissors, I know exactly what you mean, shocking hey, so glad the boys gave you extra time out today. I LOVE THIS GORGEOUS LAYOUT, and would not be surprised if you won with the great effort of the candle and bunting (I have never heard this before) banner thingy, gorgeous, definately not stinky. melxxxxxxxxxx

Sherrie said...

Hi Sarah,
I love the title work you did. It's gorgeous. I can't wait to see the final LO. I think I'm going to give this a try. Have a great day!