A slice of Sunday

Taken By the Big, and posted on a Monday. 

Happy Birthday Gary ( Father In law)

Photo taken only by Josh, he did not drink that and I would kick his but from here to kingdom come if he tried, though I must say it was my first drink in quiet a while and by goodness it was tasty! Lemon Lime and Bitters new Rusky! (Not the Crappy Vb in the background - yuck!)!

PS I know, Im a slacker. 
PPS I know, Ive got no F yet. Read first PS.
PPPS See I knew y'all were thinking that F word! 


Laura said...

Sarah Lou, girl, you always make me laugh, and I adore you! I love your honesty and your tenderness and your humor, and how very real you are.

Veronica Lee said...

Hi! I'm visiting from MBC. Love your blog.

Heather said...

I think we can all be slackers...that's what happens when we have a million things to do in a day!
Gary is my father's name (is that australian? lol)!
Thanks for the link on the Design Dollies site, I checked it out over the weekend and I'm posting a layout today!

Sherrie said...

Hi Sarah,
Great picture! Happy birthday to your FIL. I tend to slack on lots of things. Have a great day!

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aussiescrapper said...

You make me laugh, and yes I feel slack too at the moment, so we can be slack together, great photo, and hope you had a great time. Tell me how did you feel after that 1 drink, a bit tipsy, just you mentioned you haven't drunk in a while.....

Melanie said...

Goodness me, when Im not pregnant I will have to try one of those lemon, Lime and Bitter Ruskys.

Love your photography blog.