Go say hello to the new dollies. Im so proud cause some of my favourite people are there. Congratulations, my chickadees! I didnt get my application in on time, but even if I had I dont think I could of competed with all the beauty they bring! Cant wait to play along with the new dollies! Go, click on the links and say hello to them!


Kate said...

thanks sarah! i am so excited. cant wait to see your creations as you play alongside us!!! xo

aussiescrapper said...

Oh Sarah, it is with thanks from you I am even on this site, when you were design special guest I started following them. And on that note maybe I am glad you didn't get your application in on time as I may not be there, you are an awesome artist beautiful lady. I haven't got back to email yet but read you sent one, have to go out this morning, will get back asap special lady. thank you so much for your inspiration and friendship always. Love Melxxx