Scrap Tuesday!

Which I know was yesterday.
I finished scrapping, picked up the big boys from school. And promptly went to bed. At 3:30. In the afternoon. 
It was sleep or play war with my headache. The headache was winning. I didnt even get to enjoy the luxury of sleeping in the afternoon. And I love a nanna nap!

Hang on, Scrap Tuesday??? Where is your scrappin'?!? And what the buggery is that? 

Well my camera, as I might have mentioned before occasionally, likes to throw tantrums. And today is such a day. Its refusing to talk to my computer, so instead Im showing you something crafty I whipped up by accident the other week.  Completely by accident cause Im just that good. 
I died my whites yellow. Not pink, which I have done before, but a lovely, yellow sputem, green ( I remember this colour well from my nursing days!).
So to Mr Linky. Im still trying him out. Add your blog post about something creative you've done. 
Please, with sugar on top.


Mara... said...

So sorry about your headache!!! That stinks, I hope you are feeling better now. I linked up to your Scrap Tuesday!!

Leanne said...

I hope you're feeling better. THis is my first time linking here. THanks for visiting my site.

Mandy said...

hope the head is better....love to see others do things like that!!!!hope they get sorta white again...nothing creative...too busy bowling...take care...xxx

clare's craftroom said...

How lousy to waste a good nap sharing it with a headache , I hope it's better now . Thanks for the birthday wishes , I've had a great day .

Ann-Marie said...

Lovely colour .... hahaha! Have u ever tried Nurofen's Migraine pills. I SWEAR by them. They totally help me (though there are times that the head wins but they do help!

aussiescrapper said...

That is awful about your headache, I so hope it goes soon, and I have done this before except made everything pink, going to try your Mr. Linky thing, here goes.

Jane said...

hope the headache has all gone!!!!! and I've never done the yellow thing before, heaps of pink and blue though - LOL!!!!!

Ceci said...

Oh yucky re the sputum...you have refreshed my memory all too vividly! ..yes another ex nurse here ;) Thanks for dropping by my blog. :D