We aren't morning people

We struggle on weekday mornings.
Give us the weekend when we can wake at 9:30.
Weekdays are for the birds.

I dont expect anything of the kids in the mornings. I learnt quickly that if I want a smooth calm morning, there was no need to clutter it with unnecessary jobs  — for all of our sanity.

The alarm goes off at 8 ( 7 if you are the unlucky teenager) , we get up get dressed, eat some breaky and leave at 8:40. Somedays I hit the snooze button, so we do all that with just 10 minutes less.
The snooze button is for that Tyler child. It turns out I just gave birth to myself in male child form with that one.

No matter how early he goes to bed, mornings — well they just suck for him.

Everything about mornings is function only, which is why I often look like death warmed up walking the kids to school.

 But I still get people smiling at me as we walk by. Why.

Cause to quote Cooper "good boys gib their mums flowers for their hair, so they can be beautiful"

So this tired, no make up bad selfie photo is one of my favourites, cause my boy says im beautiful. Even if it is taken during the evil hour that starts with a 8.....


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

You look cute :) And you would hate my house... I get up at 3:10AM everyday :)

daph-a-dills said...

Nice jumper lol....is that the one you wore home the other morning....
PRETTY FLOWER....I think most mornings are about function only....and we all suck at it lol