Soaking up the last of the sun!!

Winter is my season - in my dreams. 

My dreams are filled with warm quilts, hot drinks, trashy telly, soups and good magazines. 

And while I do get these things ( in dribs and drabs) in reality my winter is 
Snotty noses, endless washing, and cranky kids stuck inside. 

So before it hits we are soaking up as much of the outside as we can.......
Walks in mumma made dresses and stockings!!!
Stockings are my favourite thing of dressing little girls.
Under everything!

Art with chalk.
Makes me smile every time I pass the driveway
And pure kid happiness for 40 cents - Bliss!

Our own Ancient ruins with rubble from our deck building

Walks by Nepean River

Eye candy filled street performers in the city

Oh PS - how the heck could I forget about Man Flu. We get a lot of Man flu here - over run by future men!!

PPs - smelly wet dog as well - thats always fun.

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